How To Recover Lost Files On a MicroSD Card

Through this post, you will learn how to recover lost, deleted or missing files on a microSD card with few clicks. From time to time, we see ourselves in a situation where our SD card (Memory card) got damaged, attacked by virus or gets corrupted thereby wiping out some or all the files inside the memory card. So with an app called EaseUS Data Recovery software, you will be able to recover all lost files no matter the way and manner it was lost.

EaseUS is a free Data Recovery Software that lets you recover lost, deleted and missing files from your computer with ease. It is one of the best data recovery programs for PC users because of its outstanding features.

Here Is How To Recover Lost Files From Your MicroSD Card Using EaseUS Data Recovery app;
  • Connect your microSD card to your PC using a very good card reader
  • Then, run the EaseUS Data recovery software
  • Open the location where your SDcard is situated on your computer (usually :D folder)
  • Now right-click and scan the memory card for missing files
  • Finally, preview and recover lost files.

Apart from using this powerful tool to recover lost files from an SDcard, it can be used to recover the following stuffs;
✔️ Hard drive damage
✔️ Accidentally deleted files
✔️ Recycle bin empty data recovery
✔️ Lost partition recovery
✔️ OS crash recovery
✔️ Raw partition recovery
✔️ Virus attack file recovery
And so on.

As you can see, the importance of this data recovery tool can not be overemphasized that's why it's trusted by so many users globally. With easeus software, the lost of a file on your storage device no longer means end of the world.


  1. Can i use a USB cord and my phone as a point of contact for the SDcard?

  2. I have used this software before, it has so many other featured like sd card partitioning, backing up of data and many others, EaseUs is a very good data recovery software, just that it takes so much time to scan content