Best Technology Innovations in the iGaming Industry

Despite the challenges in the global economy, the iGaming industry keeps doing better and better. In fact, it’s projected to be worth more than $73 billion in 2024. One of the reasons why there’s been so much room for the companies in the world of iGaming to succeed is technology. New tech innovations have fueled the growth of the entire industry and some did it more than others. So, what exactly are the best technology innovations we got to see in the iGaming industry? Here are five of them you simply have to know about.
Playing mobile game

Mobile gaming

We live in the age of smartphones when people are able to connect to the internet no matter where they are. While this allows them to search for information at all times, it also gives them a chance to play games wherever they go. Companies in the iGaming industry have already realized this which is why most of them now have websites that have been optimized for mobile users. Not only this, but many of them have also decided to build apps for their players, taking their experience to the next level. There’s no doubt the future belongs to smartphones and we can only expect more companies in the sector to take this approach in the upcoming years. Just recently, ZTE launched Nubia Red Magic, a gaming smartphone for game lovers.

Virtual reality

Even though virtual reality technology is still in its infancy, companies in the iGaming industry are already thinking about ways they can use it in their operations. In fact, some of them already offer their players a chance to put on a VR headset and have completely unique gaming experience. The possibilities for VR in iGaming are numerous and the only reason why not every company already offers this service to their players is that the equipment tends to be quite expensive. However, as we move towards technology, even more, virtual reality seems to be set to play an even bigger role in the world of iGaming.

Live dealer games

Not so long ago, people used to be suspicious about how iGaming providers operate. This is mostly because the Internet used to be in its early stages and new possibilities were yet to be discovered. In order to retain their players and attract a new one, companies decided to introduce live dealer games. Players are more confident about having a real person on the opposite side of the table than playing against the computer. Nowadays, all the best casinos in online gambling offer live dealer games as they push to increase player satisfaction. Of course, without the modern-day technology and high-speed internet, offering this feature would be impossible.

Social gaming

In this day and age, people prefer playing with friends online rather than indulging in single-player games. It’s just that people get tired of playing against the computer and they see more challenge in outwitting real opponents. In the last few years, we got to see more iGaming companies offering multiplayer games and they’re only expected to implement social gaming even more in the future. This is a perfect way to attract more players and make them commit to the game even more. Although social gaming isn’t as advanced in the iGaming industry as it is in other types of gaming, options available at the moment seem to be extremely satisfying for the players.


chatbots igaming
If you’ve been paying attention, chances are you heard a lot about these things lately. Chatbots already play a huge role in e-commerce and they’re slowly entering the world of iGaming. Bots serve as assistants to players who perform tasks that are relatively repetitive in nature. Their use allows players to have better gaming experience and keep better track of their personal score. Moreover, companies in iGaming can rely on these technologies to take questions from both new joiners and experienced players and redirect them to the page that can provide them with an answer. They’re even used in the hiring process to help iGaming providers find the best candidates available.


With the way things are right now, it would be impossible to imagine the world of iGaming without high-end technology. What tech brings to the industry is a better gaming experience for the players and more possibilities for iGaming providers. This is exactly why so many experts are working on coming up with new tech solutions to be used in the industry. Also, the number of roles IT technicians can take in the sector is growing and it’s anticipated iGaming technologies will drive more people to the industry.


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