Xiaomi Launches a New Smart Lock And a Quick Car Charger

The Asian manufacturer does not stop increasing its range of Xiaomi products. We have devices of all kinds, ranging from a camera to the car, through electric bicycles, such as the impressive Xiaomi AI GYM. And today the Beijing-based firm has introduced two new solutions: an intelligent lock and a fast car charger.
We talk about two new Xiaomi products that stand out for offering an unbeatable price-quality ratio. The day that all the gadgets of the firm begin to land in our country, its great competitors will tremble. And, with the quality of their solutions, and at such an unbeatable price, they are easily accessible products for any user.

This is Xiaomi’s new smart lock

We will start talking about the new Xiaomi smart lock. In this case, it is a model that lands after an agreement between the Chinese manufacturer and OJJ, a company specialized in the commercialization of this type of products.
In this way, the new intelligent lock of Xiaomi and OJJ is one of the most economical solutions that you will find within this market. And that, without losing a bit of functionality.
Proof of this is that we have 4 different methods to unlock this smart lock. The newest? The fingerprint reader located on the handle. Its location makes it very easy to reach, making the unlocking process faster and, above all, convenient.

Four unlocking systems to make things easier for you

And to this, we must add a Bluetooth module, to open the door through our mobile phone. We also have a numeric keypad, in case we prefer to use a password. In addition, we can configure temporary codes, ideal if we have to let someone into the house exceptionally.
And, how could it be otherwise, we will also have a traditional mechanism, through a steel key that will allow us to open the lock of this new Xiaomi solution. To this, we must add its interchangeable battery with more than 10 months of autonomy, armored lock to prevent them from trying to force this Xiaomi solution, and a scandal price: it costs 979 yuan, about 123 euros to change.

This is the new Xiaomi fast charger

As for the new fast charger of the Asian firm, say that this new Xiaomi product has a really attractive design, with aluminum finishes to give this device a more premium look.
To this, we must add its two USB ports, which will allow us to charge two devices at the same time without a problem. And not only that, one of the two USB ports of the new Xiaomi car charger features Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 technology.
This, what does it translate to? Well, we can charge our compatible phone or tablet at a speed of 12 W, in addition to having a traditional connector. The best? That only costs 99 yuan, about 13 euros to change.


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