Best SMS Spy App to Monitor Text Messages on Android

There is one thing that has kept the teens and twins of the digital age busy and that is texting, texting and texting. Rather than making calls, they prefer dropping a text message to their friends, family members or any concerned individual. According to the recent statistics, more than 18 billion messages have been sent around the world each day. The social media app and instant messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp are the platforms through which 60 billion messages have been transmitted on every single day.

What the world is talking about may or may not bother you but what your kids, partner and workers are conversing would surely be important for you. You must be aware if your teen is receiving bullying messages or your partner is involved in sexting with someone else. Your workers may fail to answer customers’ queries timely and in appropriate manner. There might be several reasons to monitor messages of someone else especially when that someone is your kid, spouse or worker. However, not everyone would allow you to repeatedly check out their messages.
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Fortunately, there is a way to check out messages of concerned persons without getting access to mobile phones. You do not need to know the passcode of the targeted phone because the entire data would automatically reach your device secretly. There is a SMS spy app that enables parents, employers and married persons to remotely and secretly monitor messages of their kids, workers and partners. This article discusses how one can secretly monitor messages of someone else.

How Does SMS Spy App Work?
The SMS tracker app of TheOneSpy is intended for families and businesses to track text messages, MMS and instant messages received and sent by children, spouse and employees. Once you download and install the app on the mobile phone of your concerned person, the app automatically syncs all incoming and outgoing messages stored on the phone and uploads to the online portal of the tracker app. The end-user of the spy app can log into the online portal of the tracker app by providing confidential credentials.

Track Text Messages
The SMS monitoring app enables the end-user to read content of text messages received and sent via monitored cell phone. The app automatically syncs the messages and uploads to the online control panel of the tracker app by using the internet connection. The end-user of the spy app can log into the online portal of the mobile phone monitoring app through any computer or mobile phone device and read the uploaded messages.

Track Contact Number of Communicators
As well as short text messages, the end-user of the tracker app can also get contact information of message senders and receivers. The spy app provides contact number and contact number of communicators to let you know with whom your concerned person talks. If you are tracking messages of your kid and find bullying messages on his phone with the help of phone sms tracking app, you can also get contact data of the harasser to take necessary measures against the bully. The employers can ensure their workers do not receive messages from competitors. Meanwhile, the married persons can get contact number of romantic partner of spouse.

Track Deleted Messages
The cell phone spy app also allows tracking deleted messages. The tracker app creates online backup of all incoming and outgoing text messages to enable parents and employers to retrieve deleted messages of kids and employees. No matter whether these messages have been deleted intentionally or accidentally, you can retrieve them anytime.  
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How to Get SMS Spying Software
To get the SMS tracker app of TheOneSpy, you need to visit the official website of the spy app. Subscribe to the android monitoring app and download the application on your kid, spouse, workers or concerned individuals or groups. Install the application following the user-friendly installation process and start tracking messages.

The Bottom Line
Monitoring of messages received and transmitted by your children, employees and spouse helps you protect your loved ones from the potential dangers of the cyber and real world. The employers can keep their workers from unproductive gossips and harassment, whereas, the married individuals can catch cheating partners red-handed.


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