How can Call Centre Software Help to Enhance Customer Experience?

Customers don’t necessarily love the idea of having to keep on calling or contacting the brand for complaint redressed or inquiry. Having said that, we have a long way to completely let go of this idea and make the whole process self-dependent. At the end of the day, we need to remember that customer experience is an emotional connection between customers and the brands which is affected by multiple touch points across their journey. This journey can be made seamless and pleasant with the help of best call center solutions that you can find for your business.

Improving Customer Experience: The Role of Contact Centers

Before we jump to the ways in which call centre software can boost customer experience, let’s understand what a call center is? A call centre is a place a customer calls to get help with a product or service. This is the first and most important point of contact in the customer’s journey to resolve their query. Thus, it is important to make use of this opportunity to deliver the best customer experience here. So, partnering with a call center solution provider who understands your needs and the business is the way to go forward.

Now, let us look at some of the ways in which businesses can significantly improve the level of customer service experience with call centre software.

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Shorten the Wait Time

Customers are as it is distressed when seeking an answer to their query. So, rather than digging your own grave and making them wait long to connect with an agent, you need to have good inbound tools to directly route the calls to the best-suited agent or department. Similarly, avoid bouncing aka transferring the call from one agent to another without proper resolution. Doing that will only aggravate the customer and the agent will have to face the brunt of it.

No More Repetition

Eliminate the need for customers to repeat their problem to every agent every single time that they try to contact the call centre. Imagine you are facing problems with your television and decide to call on the customer care number. The agent asks for all your details (name, registered mobile number, serial number of your television, make and model, etc) and you register your complaint. The agent then transfers your call to the technical support department to assist you further. Here again, the new agent asks you to repeat all of those details. That isn’t pleasant at all. Now, in this situation, had the business deployed a call center software, the agents would have had a unified view of the customer from the get-go. That means any agent working on that ticket would have complete visibility of the customer’s journey such as the medium of communication (call, email, chat, social media), all the relevant customer details along with any open tickets for that customer. This visibility allows the agents to be completely aware of the solution and provide an effective solution.

Let the Customers Self-serve

Won’t it be great if the customers do not have to come to you for help and are capable of resolving their issues on their own or with minimum assistance? That will save your agents’ time and will also be hassle-free for the customers. A customer contact solution backed by the right self-service tools makes this a reality. Take self-service IVR for example. It is a great tool to not just automate the inbound calling but will also guide the caller to a solution based on their keypad input. Understanding this with an example, Esther wants to know her bank account balance. She calls the bank helpline number and a recording is played saying “Press 1 to report lost credit card”, “Press 2 to know your account balance” and “ Press 3 to talk to our customer care executive”. Esther presses 2 and then a message is played asking her to enter her account number. Once she punches in that, her account balance details are pulled from the CRM in real-time and an audio message is played with the balance details. Here, no agent was involved and the customer was easily able to know her account balance.

Keep Them Updated

Once the customer has registered a complaint or reached out to you to seek help, always update them about the same. It could be a simple acknowledgment email or even an SMS. This reassures the customers that you are working on their problem. Using templatized emails with placeholders automates this further (Remember, that automated email you get when you place an order?). These place holders are especially helpful to simply pull the data from the database or CRM and populate the same while sending the email. So, an automated email might read something like - “ Hello [Customer Name] your order has been placed successfully. Please use [order number] to track it or for any future communication”. Here ‘customer name’ and ‘order name’ will be the place holders. Similarly, you can use a voiceblaster to send out reminders for mass communication. If the customer is kept in the loop at every stage, there will be fewer complaints or inquiries which will have twofold advantage - reduced agent workload and better customer experience.

Concluding Thoughts

Customer experience is the next battleground for the businesses to compete on and they should look for any way to gain an edge over their competitors. With all of these and many more advantages, call centre software can just be the tool that they are looking for. So, stop thinking and start acting - get the best call centre software for your business now!

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