7 Big Benefits of Using PDF for Business

The evolution of PDF is not new, because the PDF format is developed in the early '90s. However, the use of documents in PDF format has increased day-by-day, and one can say it is high time for PDF. The popularity of PDF is not only limited to a particular sector of companies like construction companies; PDF is widely used in every industry of organizations.
The main purpose of developing PDF was the complications during data sharing. The main issue was users using a different operating system and computers, so the shared document format used to get converted and lose its authenticity. To maintain a similar yet straightforward format, the PDF format was introduced.
From maintaining clients' information to invoicing clients, even sending proposals or memos—everything is done in PDF format. Each time any PDF file gets opened, there's no sign of any changes in that format even the operating system or the computer differs.
If your company still believes in the traditional way of working, such as using paper documents, then here are some reasons to help you realize why PDF is useful for your business.

1. The format is maintained through-out

Documents created using word-processor can get changed while the document is opened in some other operating system or computer. In such cases, if any image or graph is in the document, the difference in formatting can create confusions.
Using PDF, one need not face these types of problems. This is because the files in PDF format are always going to look same, no matter in what computer that files are opened. Plus the PDF files are always print-ready, and they do not need any change in the format.
Some scanners and scanning software can also scan the paper or digital documents and convert those directly into PDF format. For more information, visit filecenter.

2. Omnipresent Format

PDF is a globally accepted format. The documents in PDF format are easy to view and simple to share. The format remains the same whether you are sharing a file with the colleague sat next to you or to a person who resides on another side of the world.

3. Small File Size

The PDF format ensures that the file size is small, even when the file is a high-quality file. Without damaging the file's quality, PDF comprised the data into smaller files which reduce the storage space in the hard-disk. This is appropriate when anyone is using limited storage resources.

4. Secured Files

The PDF files can be secured by using passwords. While you are continuing your business, it is needless to say that you have some confidential data of yours and even of your clients. To maintain privacy, using a secure password to protect those files can be very effective. It is also recommended that while protecting those files using passwords, a strong password should be applied. A strong password should possess a combination of small and capital letters, at least one number and one special character. On the other hand, regularly changing those passwords for additional safety is also advisable.

5. Any OS support the Format

No matter what operating system or OS is being used, whether it is MAC or windows, the documents created in PDF format remain the same. Plus even anyone is using their smartphones, and then also the format doesn't change if the mobile operating system differs from iOS or Android. The receiver would not face any problem or confusion while opening the document in PDF format.

6. Compatibility for Non-text elements

Inserting images, links, or notes are also considered a great feature of DMS. Any link can be opened from the PDF directly, no matter which device (mobile, tablets or computer) the user is opening the document.

7. It's here to Stay

Technology changes and creates more effective solutions to our problems. However, in the case of the PDF format, the format is here to stay for a long time. As the format is accepted and appreciated globally, it is not likely to go away. The history of PDF is huge, and today's computing world will require something out of the box to shift from PDF, which is not likely to happen very soon. So investing in PDF is definitely a smart idea which is going to beneficial for your business.
While summing up, it is not hard to guess that PDF is one of the best and popular file-formats without any doubt. No one should be surprised to guess why PDF is popular because of the benefits that are mentioned above.
Controlling sensitive documents, securing them and sharing those files with ease was never possible when the OS and the computers were important and vital factors.
No matter which sector or industry your business belongs to, the advantages and benefits of using PDF for business cannot be denied.


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