How To Discover Tech Talent That Lasts

 Creative destruction is a concept that has impacted the cycle of job opportunities ever since modern technology was introduced. As old career paths are destroyed by new technologies, new career paths arise to take their place. This is happening even today as companies around the world begin to move their processes online.

Remote work has seen a sharp increase as more and more people are able to complete tasks from home. Many websites report how fields such as finance and accounting are set to be automated and the jobs themselves will look completely different than they do now. Technology pervades every field in the job market and, to that end, identifying tech talent that can help with this transition to the new future of work can help set any company up for success. So, the real question has to do with identifying the fields with the most potential and then sourcing new talent from there.

Tech talents that lasts

Find Web Developers

When it comes to top-notch tech talent that will thrive in the future of work, web developers are up at the top of the list. Responsible for the creation and maintenance of websites, members of this profession are proficient in a variety of skills that will be useful as the job market changes.

Becoming a web developer requires modern problem-solving skills along with technical skills such as knowledge of programming languages and software engineering. Sourcing tech talent from web developers is crucial to ensuring your organization survives in the digital age.

As for where to find web developers, recruiting them out of a trade school is a great method for being sure they have the technical knowledge needed to perform any task they are given. Schools such as Springboard offer intensive courses that get students job-ready in six to nine months. With such a quick and effective turnaround, a steady stream of new web developers can be recruited.

Recruit Data Scientists

When it comes to finding tech talent that lasts, acquiring data scientists is one of the smartest paths to take. As more and more businesses are moved online, the amount of data floating around the Internet is going to increase exponentially. Statista reports 4.57 billion active Internet users as of last month alone. Every one of those people has put some sort of data on the Internet and companies can use data to influence product development and marketing.

A career path that requires this tech talent is data science. People who train to become data scientists use a wide array of skills that allow them to analyze data and make informed business choices based on the data. 

When it comes to recruitment, some of the best data science bootcamps are a great place to turn to. These camps offer small classes and hands-on projects that turn into high employment rates upon graduating. As with trade schools, data science bootcamps are intensive courses that last several months. Data scientists are invaluable to the development of every company and should be sourced to see an increase in business metrics.

Onboard Programmers

It is no secret that programming is a field that is rapidly growing. Ironically, computer programming jobs are on a decline according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this should not be confused with programming as a skill.

Computer programming is only a specialized job opportunity for programmers and coders. The opportunities presented to those with this skill are endless due to the variety of tasks programmers can complete. From developing new software to building systems for your business, programmers are the future of tech talent. Find a steady supply of capable programmers from the top coding bootcamps and recruit them to streamline all your business processes.  


Discovering new tech talent is important for any company as the world heads towards a tech-dominated workforce. No longer is it enough to fill your team with traditional jobs that require an older skillset. Staying relevant in the future will require unique tech talent that is best sourced from intensive bootcamps. 

Members of the workforce are adapting in impressive ways to become far more versatile than ever before. As new jobs naturally emerge to take over the old, it is imperative that you ensure the members of your team are more than capable of adapting and staying relevant in the new world.


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