Are Personal Belongings Allowed With Car Shipping

  Some car shipping companies will allow owners to stow roughly 100 lbs of personal belongings in the auto being transported. These possessions should be contained in a plastic tub, suitcase, or moving box. 

In order to exceed these restrictions, it will be necessary to contact those who make the guidelines for the car shipping services with whom you’re transporting your auto. The stringent stipulations for shipping personal and household items are to ensure the safety and protection of the vehicle.

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If items are visible to the public, it puts the car at risk for a break-in, damages, and things to be stolen. For these reasons, the boxes and containers must be placed in either the trunk or cargo area to keep them out of view and allow smooth, easy transport.

Consider these suggestions if you have personal belongings you want to include in your vehicle when having it shipped either across the country or to another state.

Can A Vehicle Owner Stow Personal Belongings With Their Car Shipping

The requirement with most car shipping companies regarding including personal belonging in the vehicle when it’s being transported is no more than 100 lbs. These must be stowed in the cargo area or the trunk so they’re out of view. 

For people who need to exceed this limit, shipping companies must make a case-by-case decision based on the vehicle and the number of items. If allowed, extra fees will be charged for the excess, and these must occupy an area below the window view and will enable the driver’s seat full clearance.

The carrier driver will need access for loading and unloading the auto. Let’s look at a few tips when considering packing belongings in the car that will be shipped to your new destination. Learn about shipping a vehicle outside of the country at

  • It’s critical to understand the high risk of theft

The carrier driver must stop and take periodic breaks when driving from one destination to the other, usually at public rest areas. If a car owner were to load their vehicle full of personal belongings visible from the windows, the risk for theft is magnified.

People would make whatever attempt was necessary, including damaging the auto in order to steal from the possessions despite these being contained in boxes and not knowing their worth. 

When the items are tucked in the trunk or below the window out of sight, it decreases the chance that anyone will pay attention to the car or there will be any threat of theft.

  • The possibility for damages increases with a packed vehicle

A car shipped on the back of a truck via a trailer will be jostled and jerked. While the autos are secured and safe with adequate insurance coverage, that doesn’t mean they will remain completely still. The carrier will shift and vibrate along its course.

The belongings you load into the car are not covered under the carrier’s insurance. If these items are not contained securely in a box, tub, or suitcase, there’s a high probability for them to slide around inside the auto. That could result in damages to the car or the possessions.

Fragile items allowed to shift freely throughout the vehicle could break with a need to be replaced. The best way to avoid these circumstances is to avoid putting delicate pieces in the shipped car.


If you decide to do so, make sure these are wrapped adequately and packed securely. Read here for details on prices to ship a car.

  • Some items are prohibited from being packed in a car that’s shipped

Many car haulers are exceptionally strict about what can and cannot be packed in an auto being shipped. These items are not insured and can damage the car, which the carrier driver doesn’t want the responsibility for. There’s also an increased risk of threat. 

The carrier driver is put in a great position of responsibility, and most don’t want the added stress. They aim to keep the car safe and secure, and a packed car diminishes that capability. Some stringent regulations with most carriers include:

Bringing out luggage from the car

1.     Most car shipping companies will not let owners exceed the 100 lb limit.

2.     The preference is that belongings fit in the trunk or cargo space. Some will allow items if they sit below the window.

3.     Items strictly prohibited include all illegal things, flammable products, firearms, alcohol or drugs, and explosives.

The car shipping company and the driver must be made aware if you leave something in the vehicle. These items will, in most cases, not be insured. Still, as reputable, reliable, and trustworthy companies, these businesses will do their best to ensure safe transport with the best services provided.

Final Thought

Remember, if you choose a car shipping company asking that they transport your vehicle via open carrier across the country with 100 lbs of personal items packed in the car, there could be a more significant threat of theft unless you take extra precautions. 


That includes containing the possessions in a tub, box, or suitcase and keeping them in the trunk out of view. 


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