BVN Sca*m Alert!!! See The Trick BVN Sca*mmers Are Using To Du-pe People

Bank Verification Number was introduced last year in Nigeria and it was made mandatory for every bank user that has bank account to have his or her own BVN.

But the surprising thing is how bad eggs in the society are turning BVN into a means of hacking other peoples bank account. It's not fair and I want to use this medium to tell the entire public to be vigilant and very careful on what they do with their bank account. Never in any way respond to email you are sure of the source.
Below was the message received by one of my friends. He got this message even though he is not banking with IBTC. Imagine.> wrote
Dear Valued Customer
Please note that your ACCOUNT will be DISABLE to transact with your card internationallyat the ATM, POS or online without your Bank Verification Number (BVN).To continue enjoying convenience and safety with your StanbicIBTC account ,
Kindly validated your Biometric Verification Number with your StanbicIBTCOnline account.Follow the link START VALIDATION
All information must be filled correctly, as failure to comply within 24hours will have your remote access blocked.

StanbicIBTC Bank

Note:Idiots like this, once they have access to your BVN banking details, they’ll defraud you. Don’t by any way or means click on that stupid links sent to your email or via sms.

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  1. Scammers every where we go just like MTN, every where we go.

  2. I have been receiving text messages of that same nature from them. There was this particular one that requested for my details which i provided him with such details until he was tired of writing down numbers