How You Can Get More Than 1,000 Likes on Your Facebook Updates and Photo Uploads

Have you really wondered why you don't get many 'likes' and comments when you upload something on facebook no matter the content of what you uploaded? 
You don't necessarily have to be a super star or model before you can get more than 1,000 likes on your facebook updates. Follow the four simple steps i will show you below.


Facebook is a giant in social networking with active 1 billion users per month. It is a platform that gives users opportunity to freely express their crush over the internet. One of the most annoying things on facebook is when you post your status or a pics of you and nobody is commenting or liking

it; it looks so disturbing as if nobody likes you. Most a times, whenever I post a status on FB, I keep checking if someone has liked it or not. At-least, in one way or the other, people liking your status simply increase your self ego to post more relevant things on FB.

Well, have got a platform that can easily provide over 500 – 1000 likes in minutes as soon as you publish your status, post a photo on Facebook.
Let me get the ball rolling into the post guys…
Before you start, First make sure that your profile have "Followers (Subscribers) feature" turned on otherwise this trick won't work.

How  Can I to Allow Followers on facebook?

To allow followers on facebook
Go To!/settings?tab=subscribers  Or Alternatively You Can Go To Account Settings Then Subscribers Tab And Check Mark The Allow Subscribers.

After Setting subscribers feature on, you have to do one more setting with your facebook profile which is "Make your posts publicly visible"

How can i make my profile posts publicly visible?
Go To Privacy Settings  and Change "Who can see my stuff" to Public and also change who can look me up to Everyone.

Once this is done, you  need access token of your facebook account to start getting likes on your posts.
What is Access Token and How can i get mine?

Access Token is like an authorization certificate and generally used by facebook applications to get access to your profile.

To get your Access token, login to your facebook account and click on this link. After clicking on link your browser will open a new tab. Just wait 2-3 seconds, a page will appear with a text "Success". Now copy the entire URL from address bar and that URL is know as Access token.

Login  to And paste your Access token in Text field and click on submit

After that you will see something like this in the image below

Select Status,Feed,Photo on which you want to get likes and Finally click on Submit button in front of desired Post to start getting likes on it. After doing so you will get 200-1000 likes on status,photos or posts in just seconds.
Just take a look at my Fb photo below, few minutes after i updated my status, i got 27 likes

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  1. This is awesomely amazing.

    Upon clicking my Account Settings in mobile, it says no Internet access but there is full network

  2. I will try this out with my laptop later today.

    Thanks for this trick

  3. When will these likes be converted to money so that we can start flexing with it?

  4. If a guy puts up his picture on Facebook he will not get so many likes but the reverse is the case for girls, so why is this so?