Top 9 Great Tips For Maintaining Your Laptop Battery

Laptop battery is one of the most important parts of every Laptop PC because without it, you your laptop is like a dead wood. The issue of laptop and its battery is not a new thing to our ears anymore but that notwithstanding,
many people still find it very hard to apply at least the basic principles in other to maintain and prolong the lifespan of their laptop battery leading to this helpful article you are reading right now.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to send an important mail to someone or a client but when you get to your laptop, you found out that its already blinking red and signalling low battery? Or have you found yourself in a tight situation that your phone or SD card was infected by virus and you immediately rushed to your laptop hoping to use it and scan the virus or probably remove the virus but your laptop is totally dead? This situations can be very frustrating, disappointing and can me disastrous like in the case of one of my friend who applied for a certain job in a multinational IT firm. This guy traveled to the village with his laptop battery down unknowingly to him, the IT firm sent mail messages to their applicants notifying them of the date and time for the interview for the job they applied for. This interview was going to take place in 13 hours time and my friend was on the dark corner not knowing what was going on because his laptop battery was dead and there was no power supply in his village to recharge the battery. By the time he finally recharged the battery and went through his mail box, he nearly ran mad because he just missed an all important job interview because of not having a fully charged battery on his laptop.

You see, this can happen to anyone but maybe, in different dimension. So that's why it is very important for us to take good care of our laptop battery at least to give it some more hours before it finally runs down and to also prolong its life span because every battery has a particular lifespan dedicated to it before it finally expire. There are some important things we can simply do to achieve this. Follow me as i unmask the battery saving and maintenance tips.


(1) Disable All Processes And Apps You Aren't Using At The Moment
Disabling apps that are silently running in the system background is the first step to prolonging your laptops battery life. Do you know that there are many apps that secretly run in your system background when you are doing other things? Some of this apps are your recently run apps or processes that you did not close effectively; they pin their self within your PC and start draining your battery. Some of the apps that normally do this are your cloud storage apps, for example, Google drive, Dropbox and its associates. The annoying thing is that most time this apps are running, you find out that you don't really need them at that point in time making it unnecessary to run them.  
To see all your background processes and apps, you need to open your system's task manager  In the task manager, you will see a list of all your apps both system apps and ordinary apps and the percentage of space or memory the are eating up from your computer. 
NOTE: Don't disable any system app!

To open the task manager and disable any background app;

  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or you can press CTRL+ALT+DEL 
  • Select task manager from the menu.
  • Once the task manager is opened, look up for background processes that you aren't using 
  • Disable it by right clicking on it and selecting disable from the drop-down options

(2) Disable All Ports And Connections That You Aren't Using
For instance, your WiFi  and Bluetooth consumes reasonable amount of your battery life when they are left switched on because the contentiously search for an open network which definitely requires power from the laptop battery. Also if there is any external device plugged into your USB port, kindly unplug it if you are not using it because it is as well drawing power from your laptop battery. 

To disable your wireless connections like Bluetooth and WiFi connections

  • Open your system settings
  • From the options, select wireless
  • Now switch ON or Off any of the wireless devices available as shown the screenshot below  

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(3) Activate Battery Saving Mode In Your Laptop
The battery saving mode feature is pre-installed in all laptops. The manufacturers knowing the importance of battery saving, integrates this feature to enable the laptop to perform some battery saving operations automatically whenever this mode is activated in your system. It usually save your battery according to the available power. For example, if your laptop is plugged in the power socket, the battery saving mode will automatically give you all the nice features in the laptop like increasing the screen brightness, keyboard light, background apps, processor speed, to mention but a few but whenever the laptop is unplugged or is running on battery, these features automatically reduce and you will physically see yours laptops screen brightness darken. This is the work of the battery saving feature in your laptop. However, you can add your own customized saving options from the saving features.
To activate battery saving mode follow these steps below

  • Click on the battery icon in the tool bar
  • Select More Power Options
  • A window will open
  • Now choose the battery saving mode that you like

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(4) Reduce Your Screen Brightness
It might surprise you to know that screen brightness of light is the highest contributor to laptop battery running down. You might not know but for the fact you are reading this article today, you are now aware so that is why it is very important to reduce your laptop's screen brightness to the lowest minimum to save some battery juice.   

(5) Reduce Your Multitasking Act
Multitasking in computers or Smartphones is the process of running more than one apps or software simultaneously; it is nice but as usual, anything that has advantage equally has a disadvantage and the main demerit of multitasking is the manner in which it drains laptop or phone's battery as the case maybe. So if you really want to save battery, you should consider minimizing your multitasking actions.

(6) System Clean Up
It is important to occasionally perform some system clean ups like clearing your browser cache, defragmenting your drive and uninstalling apps that you are not really making use of. This apps contributes to the work load of your laptop. The more a laptop is bombarded with works, the more power it sucks from your battery that is why it is necessary to reduce the load on your laptop. There are some apps that can do this for you if you don't want to do it from the system settings. You can download Wise Care App. It does it perfectly and the premium version can even do it automatically depending on the date and time you set it to perform the cleaning action.

(7) Take Good Care Of Your Laptop Battery
You need to be monitoring your laptop battery. occasionally bring it out and clean the iron contacts with soft dry cotton. NOTE: avoid anything that will cause shortcuiting.
Do not use your laptop on a heat absorbing surface like a rug, foam, cushion etc, rather use it on a smooth surface like plastic table, wooden or glass platform. in fact, anywhere you know that will give enough space for air to be going in and out from the laptop's ventilation openings. This is because, over heating, drastically reduces laptop's lifespan.

(8) Upgrade Your System's Components
Upgrading your software and hardware versions will surely go a long way in helping curb the problem of fast battery draining this is because most new software and hardware are more efficient because of the latest technology applied in them. They consume less power unlike old components.

(9) Have A Battery Battery Backup
This is what i don't miss both on phone and laptop. I always have a backup battery. Trust me one day, it will save you from an inconvenience.

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  3. Mennnnn i have been missing a lot all these years. This is one of the best post that i have read today