How To Use Different Whatsapp Accounts On One iPhone And iPad

Well, guys this tutorial is for iPhone, iPad and  in fact any iOs user. We all know that our iOs devices are great devices but there is one annoying thing about iPhone and other iOS devices.
And that is limitations on what you can do with your phone. It really annoys me to be when i can not do some stuffs or tweak my device the way i want it just because the manufacturer doesn't want the users to do that particular tweak on the device. This led to rooting (in android devices) and jailbreaking (in iOS devices). Now android users can tweak virtually anything they want and enjoy the maximum output from their android devices. If you are using an android phone and it is not yet rooted, my dear you are missing a lot of stuffs from that your phone. Click here for how to root android phones
Now for my iOS geeks, the same thing is applicable to you guys but in your case it is called jailbreaking. Some of you might have heard it before or even have their device jailbroken. If you have jail break access in your iOS device like your iPhone and iPad, you are welcomed to the class.

Do you know you can run multiple Whatsapp or other social media accounts on your iOS devices? Just imagine how it will look like when you can create two or more different whatsapp accounts and run them simultaneously in your phone. Great! isn't it? Now also imagine a situation where you don't necessarily have to get apps both free and buying premium apps from the iOS app store; or customizing your audio ringtones and video call ringtones. These and many more are some of the tweaks you will immensely benefit from if your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken.

But for the course of this tutorial, I am going to be focusing on one of the advantages you can get after your iPhone is jail braked. So i will be showing you how to use multiple social media accounts on one iOS device with the help of an app called "social duplicator" for iOS 7 and above. This tutorial is very easy and straightforward but remember, your iPhone or iPad must be jailbroken for this to work on it.
With the help of the social duplicator app, you can for example, create and activate two individual phone numbers with two totally unconnected whatsapp messenger accounts using one iPhone. After doing this tweak, you don't have to be carrying two different phones because you want to use different Whatsapp accounts on them. 


Step 1: first of all we have to open or launch Cydia application on your iPhone. Cydia is an app that gives you access to what the manufacturer of your iPhone restricts you from doing. It is a "must have app" for every iPhone user. After launching the cydia app, go
to Manage button on lower navigation menu, Now click on Sources as i indicated on the screenshot below

Step 2: Now, select the Edit option on top right corner of the iPhone screen, and then tap Add button on top left corner of the same screen to add the following repository when asked. Look at the arrow in the screenshot

Step 3: After repository has been added, kindly navigate to the Search button on the lower navigation menu of Cydia, and search for Social Duplicator. click on it to install it. After clicking on it, tap on Return To Cydia button to exit Cydia as graphically shown below.

Hurray!!!  Congrats; you now have Social Duplicator installed on your iPhone. Now you are almost done duplicating your whatsapp account in your iPhone. To configure the social duplicator settings, navigate to Settings->Social Duplicator.
As seen in the screenshot. At this stage, you should select the social app that you want to duplicate or clone. Remember we are using whatsapp as an example in this tutorial so you can still use any other social media app like facebook, twitter, instagram and the rest.
Now, give it a name. Example, Whatsapp 2

After successfully renaming it to whatsapp 2, you are done. and your too different whatsapp accounts should be visible in your springboard or app viewer as the case may be. You can also still use another phone number on it.

Enjoy and flex your iPhone.

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  1. May you be richly blessed for always coming up educative posts

  2. Back then I was of the opinion that it was only in Android that one can run multiple apps but how wrong I was

  3. May you be richly blessed for always coming up educative posts