Top 6 Steps To Improve And Boost Your Phone Signal And Network Reception

Some of us in one time or the other experience weak network coverage if not in your domain, then when you travel to another location or environment. There is nothing more frustrating as being denied of making and receiving important calls or browsing for information online just because of weak or no network coverage at all.

Though this tricks am going to show you won't give you 100% signal coverage but it will surely go a long way in boosting your network signal reception in any location. These simple steps helps me in most cases whenever am not in a place that is not network friendly. Below are some of the steps or tricks you can apply when you are experiencing bad network reception

1. Switch Your Flight Mode ON and OFF
This is the first thing you should try doing whenever there is low signal reception in your location. It is a tricky act that lets your phone disconnect from the mast it was previously connected to and search for a better mast around and hook you up with it. This trick works more accurately if there are more than one network masts of that particular network you are using in your area, But if you are in a typical village or area where there is only one mast for that particular network in your sim, It may not work for you because after searching for available masts, it will still return to that only mast in the area. So next time you have network issue, try this trick and see. It helps me most times

2. Move Away From Obstructions
Can you remember 8 years ago when phone users has to climb mountains, trees, poles etc just to make calls? funny isn't it? Well that is because there wasn't enough network mast installed then in many areas and the few ones gets obstruction from highlands, trees, skyscrapers and so on. So for people to get better network then, they have to climb these higher platforms. So what am trying to say is that whenever you experience a bad network, it might be caused by some tall buildings or trees around that vicinity, so change your position and see how it goes. 

3. Avoid Interference from other devices

Yes you might not know that having many electronic gadgets around your phone may cause network interference so its better you switch off all your wifi, Bluetooth, and other wireless connections if you are experiencing network hitches.

4. Turning Off Electronic Gadgets 
It might sound so discomforting but if you really want to make or receive an important call in a place with bad network reception, i suggest you switch off your Television sets, radio sets and others and see if the call quality increases.  

5. Install a Signal Boosters
Installing signal boosters also helps in boosting the network signal of your phone. There are many signal boosters you can choose from at the google play store or any other app store for your phone brand.

6. Port to Another Network
This is actually the last option if you have tried all the above steps and non worked for you. It means that the network in your area is as bad as the word "FAILURE". If you keep experiencing poor signal and you have called your customer service provider to complain about their signal, you can ‘port’. Port in Nigeria simply means switching to another network provided while still retaining your number.

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  1. This is really good. Will be attempting these, thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. I have even doingost of the points raised most especially number 1.

  3. I have been doing most of the points raised most especially number 1.

  4. About installing a network booster from Google playstore, does it really work?