If These Apps Are Not In Your Android or Bb10 Devices, You Are Missing a Lot

Some of us have so many apps installed in our smartphones; in this case, android and BB10 devices but the funny but interesting thing about these numerous applications in your system is that most
of them are just their occupying your phone’s useful memory space and you barely use the apps for important things. I have a friend that likes downloading practically any application he comes across at the app store in his phone because he browses freely with a free Wi-Fi connection in the area so he isn’t worried about data usage cost. I won’t totally blame him actually because people naturally like to misuse or abuse the availability of free stuffs.

What he don’t really know was that downloading too many apps is not the problem as he have free internet connection but the question I asked was how many of those apps he downloaded are actually useful to him? He was dumbfounded at the question. I urged him to look into his phones app drawer and check all the apps he installed. After checking, I asked him how many app is there in total. Do you know what my friend said? (Smiles). My guy had over 201 different applications installed in his phone and the hilarious part of it is that this guy keep complaining of how laggy and slow his phone runs. I now asked him, how many of the apps do he used often. In fact I asked him tell me the once he has used in the last two weeks. Hush… like seriously? Only 15 apps and 6 games making it 21 in total. So what the hell is the other 180 apps doing in your phone? He gave reasons that he downloaded them because he saw it on other people’s phone and he plans to open them in his phone one day.
I now collected his phone and checked the status of his smartphone’s memory and I found out that only apps have taken more than 85% of the phones memory and he is also running out of RAM space in addition to some useless apps that displays ads here and there. All these added up in making the phone run so slowly.

What am trying to say is that we should concentrate and download the apps we need. There are millions of apps in the app store and the number keeps increasing geometrically so there is no way you can have all the apps installed in your smartphone. However, there are some inevitable apps that every android and BB10 should have in their phones. These apps are needed in our everyday life and their importance cannot be overemphasized. Follow me as I show you some of this very important must-have android applications.

Most Important Must-Have Android App

1. Email Apps (Yahoo mail, Gmail etc.)

Email applications are one the must-have apps in your phone’s app drawer because you won’t have the opportunity or time of going to your PC just to check that important email message. Take for instance, you are in a transit, and your boss or someone else requests that you send a file or one important document or info to his email address in two minutes time, what will be your fate if you don’t have an email app? Oh! I see; you want to bank on your opera mini browser for sending an email? My dear you can get disappointed for that. The email apps are more efficient and easy to use. Why not give it a try?

       2. CamScanner App
Like the email app, CamScanner is another important app that shouldn’t be found missing in your phone. This app has really made life easier for me as I don’t need to go to any business center anymore whenever I want to scan a document. All I need is to snap the document with my phone’s camera or use the camera integrated in this app to snap it and scan it using the CamScanner. The scanner has many effects that you can apply into the scanned document like trimming, making the document black and white or colored and many more effects. After scanning, you can forward it straight to your email address, send it to someone’s email address, and send via Bluetooth, Facebook and many other options of sending files through the app.

  3. Whatsapp
Whatsapp is actually a household name in every phone users mind because of its immense importance through live chat features. It has drastically reduced the rate people send SMS and even make voice calls these days. With the Whatsapp, one can easily chat with family, friends and colleagues as far you have their phone number saved in your phone. Apart from personal chats with people, you can also join Whatsapp groups where different topics and issues are discussed. Remember you can create your own group and invite/add friends. The latest feature in Whatsapp now is the voice calling feature which enable users to make calls to other users using the internet connection (Data/MB) instead of the airtime in your phone. To get clearer call, you need to be in an area that has strong network reception.

       4. Marriam-Webstar Dictionary
Have you been in a situation where you incidentally encountered a very difficult word and you needed to know its meaning? You will find out that without a very good dictionary in your phone, you will be lost and resolve to forget about knowing the word. Some will argue me right now that suggesting that they will simply use their web browser and search for the word. Yes you are right but what if you don’t have internet data or internet network in that location at that moment? Marriam-Webstar dictionary is a very powerful offline dictionary that banks all English words and their meanings, synonyms, word examples, antonyms, voice pronunciations, sound pattern, colossus, translation and lots more.

 5. Facebook App
Facebook needs no further introduction because I think there is no internet enabled phone right now that has no Facebook app installed in it; even old java phones. With Facebook, you can connect with your longtime colleagues and friends that you don’t even have their contacts in your phone again. You can share updates on what you are doing with pictorial explanations, you can have a one on one, group chats and video calls just like in Whatsapp. For marketers, companies and in fact any business and brand, Facebook is the ideal place for advert placements to get the public to know about you and your brand.

       6. Color Note App
There are actually other note-taking apps but I believe the color note apps is the best. My opinion though. But what am trying to get across is the importance of a note-taking app. You are not expected to be carrying a diary or jotter everywhere like our forefathers did (Smiles). Once you are with your Smartphone you can easily take notes. The interesting thing is that you can also send these notes anywhere right from the note app. You can lock your private notes with a password and you can separate or arrange your notes in categories.
Click here to download color note

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      7. Bible/Quran Apps
The world is going digital and every other thing is also going digital with it that’s why the bible and Quran are now found in their digital form. Having these spiritual apps in your phone will definitely go a long way in strengthening your spiritual life.
Click here to download KJV Bible
Click here to download Quran 

 8. Blackmart App
Have you ever found an interesting app in the app store but when you wanted to download it, it request for payments? Well that actually means that the app is a paid app. You only get it if you pay the amount of money placed on it. Meanwhile, if you are a follower of this blog, you should have known about this app and save yourself the stress of paying for an app before you can download it. This Blackmart app lets you download any paid android app free of charge no matter the price placed on the app. You see why it is a very important app to have in your phone. With this app, you don’t even need the official app store that was pre-installed in your phone.
Click here to download blackmart app

     9. CM Security
You, your files and most importantly your phone is at risk if you don’t have a strong updated anti-virus app installed in it. I have tested most of the top anti-virus apps in play store and non can match the efficiency of CM Security antivirus. It has app lock, phone finder, phone booster, intruder Selfie capturing, app management, scheduled scanning, Wi-Fi security, junk cleanup, unwanted call blocking, and other features. CM Security is a must have anti-virus app
Click here to download CM Security antivirus

10. Quick Teller App
Up till now some people don’t know that they can actually do some bank transaction right there in the comfort of their home with just their smartphone; and this can be achieved with using your banks android application. But wait! What if you are using more than one banks? Do you need to download each of your different banks apps in your phone? Is it not better to use an app that can do the same job for all banks? That is why Quick teller is the best. You can do many basic transactions like paying your electricity bills, flight ticket, recharging your phone, paying for your Dstv, Gotv, Startimes and other satellite TV subscriptions with it.
Click here to download quick teller

  11. UC Browser (Mini & Full Version)
UC browser is irrefragably the fastest mobile internet browser in terms of easy surfing and fast downloading speed. And it is a great tool to conserve data while browsing because of the data conserving feature in it.
Click here to download UC browser

  12. Office Suit or Quick Office
Sometimes, you receive word document files in your phone and cannot even open it talk more of editing its content but with the quick office or office suit installed, you can easily open any word document or pdf document. You can also type articles just like the way you do with your Microsoft office word in your laptop.
Click here to download quick office

  13. PowerCalc
Powercalc is a very nice scientific calculator with a great user interface (UI). When using this app, you feel as if you are using a real life calculator. Your phone will automatically turn to a nice scientific calculator that carries out all your calculating tasks. It’s useful for both students, working class and even local traders.
Click here to download power calc

   14. Backup Suit
Using your smartphone or your PC without adequately backing up your files is very risky as anything can happen at any time and you don’t want to lose those important files, documents and apps. To save yourself from this unforeseen situation, you really need a backup app and backup suit is just ok for the job.
Click here to download backup suit

  15. Vidmate
The last but not the least in my comprehensive list of must-have apps in your android and BB10 devices is the almighty video downloading Vidmate. This app lets you download all videos you can think of that are available in the internet. It bypasses the restriction placed on all YouTube videos.
Click here to download vidmate

Yes that is it guys. Those are apps I think are very necessary and must be in your phone. However, if you think there is an app that supposed to be there, you can name it on the comment box.

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  1. Wow!!! its really comprehensive and enlightening. Great stuff! I don't even know that some of these apps exist

  2. My best Apps there are blackmart, quick teller and camscanner

    WizyTechs tenk you for also providing download links. I have searched all over the internet for download link for blackmart but to no avail. Until I saw dis site. you are doing great. I have already bookmarked and saved this blog on my phone. keep it up

  3. i just downloaded vidmate but i seem to have run out of memory and the videos i downloaded saved on the media box.pls how can i view them?
    onemore question pls,some downloaded apps are saved on my sd card,how do i move them to my phone storage so i can download the simple server,cuz it aint downloading bcos of space.thanks

    1. Sometimes, you discover that you can't install apps on your phone again because of low memory. When you face this kind of situation, you need to move some of the apps in your phone memory to your ad card. To do this you need some apps and it works more Perfectly on rooted devices.
      Download app to SD card here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C3600258376

  4. My favorite app is facebook App. very easy and fun to use.
    And very enjoyable too

  5. Lemme start by saying that those pictures posted were taken when you were actually using GIONEE M2 with a custom ROM called Axer. I'm i correct?

  6. I must also be honest here with you as I'm gonna say that i have been missing a lot.

    Nine apps from the list are missing in my apps list

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