How To Use WhatsApp Free Without Paying a Dime

Well this is a simple tutorial for everyone who have got almost expired whatsapp installed on their smartphones or PC. If you don’t need this post now, I bet 6months plus from now, you’ll be looking for this particular post to read because by then, your installed whatsapp must have expired or approaching expiry date. 
I can’t just imagine myself paying $0.99 dollar every year just to use whatsapp when bbm and facebook are free for use; that’s not just possible.

Things You Will Need

==>A device running Android OS

Now follow these steps

1.       If you’ve already installed whatsapp on your android device, delete your account completely

2.       Look for an iPhone or iPad that whatsapp has not been install and download it afresh from iTunes

3.       Install it, activate your mobile number and verify it

4.       Now, use your activated number on your android device  or any other device and Check your Service time it is extended to Lifetime or 10 years.


And Method Two,

==>Open Whatsapp on your Device

==>Go to settings, click on Account

==>Click on delete account

==>Enter your mobile number in the given field and then click on delete my account

Now that you are no more on Whatsapp, Follow below steps to get whatsapp back with extended validity.

==>Now again open whatsapp and create a new account with new information

==>Now check your Whatsapp expiry date by navigating to > Settings > Account > Payment info

 You should see extended trial period of your whatsapp account.

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  1. Back then this was very useful but not anymore as it's totally free now to use WhatsApp

  2. Back then this was very useful but not anymore as it's totally free now to use WhatsApp