How To Sync Your Mac Files To Dropbox

Do you want to sync your Mac folders to Dropbox? If you do, then today I am going to share a tutorial for you guys which is going to make you learn about it. We may come across in the need of this trick for transferring your Mac folders and files to Dropbox.

The syncing process does not mean to transfer the files completely that means that your files will be accessible on both dropbox and Mac. For example if you are not near to your Mac and want to access any important folder of yours from other PC then you may use Dropbox to access your that important file, isn’t it cool?

So, if you are also interested to get this trick for you then I have written a detailed article on it, you may go through the below steps and get your solution right in your hand.

Sync Mac Folders to Dropbox

So, here I’ve gathered the steps for you which you are supposed to apply in order to start syncing your Mac folders. Now, without taking your time more, I would request you all to get towards the below steps;
  • First of all, Download Dropbox app on your Mac using this Link.
  • Ones it is downloaded then Install it on your Mac OS X and then Open Terminal on your Mac.
  • Now in Terminal type the following command and hit return/enter;
  • Then you’ll see a new command line on your Terminal that would be something like this; Your-Computer-Name:Dropbox YourUserName$
  • After that, type this command ln -s ~/FolderNameHere and hit return on your mac, it will create your symbolic link. Don’t forget to replace Folder Name Here with your folder name.
  • Then type this command ln -s ~/Desktop and hit return and it will create symlink to your desktop and to create symlink to your Document folder, type this command ln -s ~/Documents
  • Additionally, if you want to create symlink for any other path then use this command; ln -s ~/FilePathGoesHere and don’t forget to replace File Path Goes Here with the location. In addition to, if you want to create Symlink for any file with space between its name then you need to put backslash in spite of using space.
  • Then Dropbox will automatically start uploading your symlinked folder and will start syncing

  • Conclusion

    So, this was our guide related to syncing your Mac folders to dropbox. If you have any kind of queries left related to this article then lend your queries in the comment box. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.
    Was it helpful? If it was then don’t forget to share this with others too. It might proven helpful for others too. So, keep sharing and keep helping.

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