Is Your Phone Lagy And Too Slow? Check Out This Important Steps To Boost And Increase Your Phone Performance

WizyTechs is here with another interesting tweak to make your smartphone smarter.

Android smartphones are found almost every a here , and they range from low to high end smartphones. All of them will slow down with time;
this is why it's important to maintain your smartphone's performance by following the few easy-to-do step am going to state in this article

Steps To Boost/Increase Your Phone Performance

1. Update your smartphone firmware/Operating system: So many mobile phone users actually forget or ignore to update their phone firmware or operating system with the latest version from their manufacturers  and still complain of slow performance of their device. The truth is that whenever you upgrade to the latest version of firmware, operating system or software as the case may be, your smartphone gets some kind of boost in performance because there are always improvements in new versions of firmware to accommodate what your device needs at that point in time. 

2. Use a Powerful Anti-Virus Application: Using an updated anti-virus app on your phone is a great step in improving your smartphone performance. Over the time i have heard some guys saying that an anti-virus is not important to a smartphone. They continue by saying that it causes more lagging on the phone than when it is not installed. But are they right by saying that? Obviously the answer is absolutely a capital NO. Now let me give you the reason an anti-virus may lag slow your phone more. If you have an outdated anti-virus installed in your phone, it will be doing more harm than to your phone than when it is not installed. Another thing is that there are countless numbers of anti-virus apps in the google playstore and most of them are not very active in detecting and removing virus and malware from your smartphone. Having said that, i will suggest my best anti-virus app for you. The name is CM Security; i have used and tested many top anti-virus apps available the playstore but non of them beats the performance of CM security. You can check here to see why CM security is the best anti-virus app for android and iOS devices  

Once installed, it automatically keep your phone free of malware and virus threats. CM security also has many other great features like cleaning up junk files that occupies unnecessary space in your phone memory. With its applock feature, you can select individual apps you can lock so that people won't open them without your consent. Another great feature in CM security is its ability to backup your contacts and messages in the CM cloud memory store and the ability to track your phone when stolen. The features are many. See more here at features of cm security anti-virus app 

3. Occasionally Reset Your Android Phone: . This is another thing that phone users ignore; some even think that resetting their phone will damage it but the fact is that resetting erases everything and brings your phone back to its original, "as new" condition. This is a temporary option, because as you use your phone again, it will suffer the same behavior again. Keep it cool and reset your phone once in a while BUT remember to make backups of your important files before carrying out the resetting because all your files will be lost after the process.

4. Maintain A Good internal memory space. Check the internal memory of your phone because it could be the sole reason or contributing to your phone being very slow or lagging. If you found out that the remaining space in your internal memory is too small kindly

move your media files like your pictures, mp3 files, videos, and so on to the external memory, usually an SD card. After doing this, Restart your phone and feel the difference

5. Close Unused Apps Running In Background: Most times the major cause of phone lagging is because too many apps are unnecessarily running in background and it consumes your phone RAM especially if you are using a phone running on RAM size below 1gb. You can use automatic task killer apps like greenify. CM security can also do the work for you.

6. Uninstall Useless Apps: Some people install bunch of useless apps that they don't really need and they don't use it so its advisable to uninstall them. Wait! Check your phone right now for apps you haven't opened in the last one month and uninstall them. One thing about this apps is that  some of them keep running in the background and could be also socking you internet data without your consent. You can check here on how to minimize your android data consumption 

7. Search the Google Play Store for: Useful applications. Possible applications that may help include:

• Antivirus apps
• Startup manager
• Juice defender
• App cache cleaner
• App2sd

8. Root the phone: Rooting gives you additional options to do with your phone. Although rooting is a risky solution, it is not as risky as it used to be. This might brick your phone (i.e., it will malfunction). In addition, a successful root will void your warranty . However, you can

always unroot the phone (and you will restore your warranty, as the manufacturers cannot tell if you rooted your phone before or not)

9. Restart your phone: You may not know the wonderful work restarting your phone can do. Like many other electronic gadgets, occasional rebooting can solve some problems

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  1. One of my phones is lagging and i know the root cause of it. The RAM is just 1gb and its ROM is just 8gb