Is It Wrong To Charge Your mobile Phone Overnight? Check Here

Our phones must surely be charged because it needs electrical power to function just like any other electrical Gadgets out there. So many times people try to apply many methods in charging their phones but have you asked yourself if you are actually applying the best method to charge your phone?
Wrongful charging of phone can be catastrophic and dangerous both for you as a person, the entire environment that you are at the time and of course your mobile phone.

What is Phone Charging?
Charging of phone is simply the process of supplying electrical power to our phones through either inbuilt battery or a removable battery; which absorbs DC current from a power source. There are many power sources where you can get power to charge your phone. Example are from the normal power socket, car DC power outlets, computer USB ports, power banks and so many other sources. Recently, some phones can be charged using some hilarious or surprising means like the sun, wind, urine, body sweat, fruits and so many unimaginable means which will blow your mind.

Now Why Do You Charge Phones?
The answer is too simple because any person using Mobile phone must charge it to keep it running and functional. An uncharged phone is absolutely not better than a stone or brick.

Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight?
Now this is a multi million dollar question that has had many diverse answers from different people for years now. The truth is that charging phone overnight is not totally wrong as long as you follow some simple precautions. You understand that for some people, the best and only time they charge their phone is in the night due to the nature of their jobs which may not let them have the access to charge their phone during the days working hours.
According to Shane Broesky, who is the co-founder of Farbe Technik - a company that makes charging accessories, he said "leaving your phone plunged in overnight is okay to do , it will not drastically harm your device, your phone is very smart, once it is fully charged it knows when to stop the current from coming in to protect your phone from overcharging.

That means our phones are smart and can trigger the charging system to automatically stop immediately it gets fully charged. But I have to let you knw that there are some disadvantages and risk in charging your phone overnight. Have you heard something about overheating? Yes overheating can occur while charging your phone overnight especially in regions that has high temperature rate like Kenya, some northern parts of Nigeria, some parts of China /Taiwan and so many other countries which experience massive high in temperature during dry seasons as the case may be for Nigerians. So in these areas, it is highly recommended to remove the casing or extra casing of your phone if you notice it gets abnormally hot when undergoing charging process at night because overheating through charging can cause fire outbreak. Lithium battery is mostly affected and can react poorly if your phone is exposed to high temperature. Battery overheating is one of the major cause of reduced or shortened life span of batteries so try as much as possible to reduce it and save yourself the unnecessary cash spending on new battery for your phone But the good news is that most newly produced phones right now don't usually get overheated while charging because of improvement in the technology used on them.

What Are The Best Ways or Methods To Charge Your Phone?

1. First of all, make sure you are using the original charger designated for your phone.
2. If you don't have the original charger anymore, check the specs of your phone and write down the correct rating of your phone's charger. Check the Amp rating, Output voltage, Input voltage and watts rating and get it at a reputable electronic store either online or offline
3. Try as much as possible to always keep your battery percentage around 50 and 80 as this will help prolong your battery's lifespan because every battery has its life span and charging circle
4. Don't always allow your battery to go down to 0% before you start charging it as it can drastically reduce Lion battery lifespan. It is advisable to charge your phone immediately its below 50% 
5. To achieve faster charging, switch off your phone when charging or better still disable your WiFi and 3G network
6. When charging with a power bank, make sure it is an original power bank and the output corresponds with what your phone demands.
7. Quickly unplug your phone if you notice its getting an abnormal hotness

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Charging your phone overnight is not really that risky as far as you adhere and follow the right steps to charge your mobile phone.

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