How To Recover Or Get Back Your Mistakenly Deleted Files On Your MAC Device

This tutorial is for my dear MAC users who in one way or the other mistakenly delete some files or even changed some of their important files before saving it in another location. If all these happened unintentionally, and you don't know how to recover your missed files, don't worry there is always a way to solve any problem. follow me.

Follow these tutorial carefully if you want to get back your files that you lost to the trash bin.

Steps To Recover Your  Mistakenly Deleted Files On Mac

First and foremost, 
>>> Open the the trash folder and drag it out.
>>> Locate the file
>>> Click on it and hit restore (for other backup software, refer to its manual to find out how to recover a file from it)

Softwares That Can Be Used To Recover Trashed Files

ProSoft's Data Rescue and Clever Files' Disk Drill are the main two softwares you can use to recover your trashed files back to your MAC devices. Both software has have free demo versions that allow you to scan a drive for trashed files. This apps are trusted and found to work perfectly, however, if after trying both and they fail to recover your files, take your MAC to a specialist in data recovery. Remember it might be expensive. 

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