Windows 10 Hits A Massive 27 Million Installations Worldwide In Just Two Weeks

Barely two weeks after the official release of windows 10, the number of installations worldwide has risen to an impressive 27 million and still counting and already has 3.78% of the market, according to figures from StatCounter.

Unlike windows 8 and 8.1 which had mixed acceptance from the entire public. Most PC users decided to stick with their windows 7 rather than the windows 8 version. Now windows 10 incorporates both the previous windows specifications and added some improvements and upgrading with a more beautiful user interface.
It took windows 8 a full six months to reach this figure that windows 10 just recorded in two weeks. That is absolutely incredible thanks for the improvement and good marketing strategy from Microsoft

It's doing even more impressively in the UK with 7.56% of users already updated to Windows 10 and this is all to the detriment of older versions of the OS that didn't get close to hitting the heights of their newborn sibling.

Microsoft hinted that other versions of windows 10 are underway with the release of 1oT core. We are also expecting windows 10 mobapp wi

Windows 10 has more beautiful user interface with some some exciting features like the return of the start menu which was missing in windows 8 and 8.1. The most interesting part of it is that Windows 10 integrated both the mestro style menu found in previous windows 8 and the start menu that we have been accustomed to for years. In the metro tile, you have the option to either disable the live tiles just like it is done in windows 8 and 8.1
More advanced cortana that can help you perform text to speach search effectively with lesser efforts. It gather some of your information to arive at a more accurate answer and gives you a much accurate and better result.
There is also an improvement in the windows app store with the introduction of a smarter user interface. There is also a new web browser in Windows 10 as the traditional internet explorer was thrown in one corner and the edge browser clearly visible for use and it provide more beautiful browsing experience and its very fast and nearly flawless. 
Another noticeable new feature in windows 10 is the XboxXboxsd which displays active live feds of the activities in the Xbox. There are many more features included like the conttkinuum, unified settings to mention but a few. 

Little wonder the rate at which it is been installed worldwide is mind blowing because people like getting the value for there money. With Windows 10, working in windows environment is much better, simpler and user friendly unlike in windows 8 which received many negative reviews.

Have you installed windows 10? What are you waiting for; go get it installed in your PC and experience the new technology from Microsoft

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  1. This statistics is only based on those that downloaded from their site but what about people like me who uses third party sites to download