Who Still Needs Modem When You Can Easily Use Your Android Phone As A Modem

This is a simple and easy step by step tutorial to use your Android Phone as a Modem  by Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, USB cable (Tethering). Android Smartphone has a feature Tethering to share your Android device data connection with your PC or laptop.
This feature can come in handy when you have many devices that need internet connection at that particular time. And it will save you the extra cash you might probably need to buy a modern in other to brows with your PC (Desktop and Laptop computers)

Which Android Phone Is Supported?
All android phones that run on Android 2.1 and above. This is because android of such versions have support for USB connections, Bluetooth connections, and above all, WiFi connection which will be vital for this tutorial 

Steps On How To Use Android Smartphone as a Modem via Wi-Fi hotspot:

Using wiFi tethering to brows on your PC is the easiest and fastest of all other options and the speed is really fast as long as you have a strong network reception.
Now below are the steps to adopt while configuring your phone to use its wifi on PC

1. Make sure your phone is adequately charged. If not, connect your phone to Computer using an original USB cable.  

2. Press the Home button and then go to in phone Menu

3. Go to Settings after that Wireless  networks section and then click on Tethering & Portable Hotspot.

4. Now checks Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot  Then click on Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot Remember to type your customized Wifi name and password to protect your data from being accessed and used by a third party

5. Finally, click the "Network" option in the Windows Notification area and select the SSID name and you choose your phone  then click on the Connect and enter your password to connect with your phone's data plan and start experiencing the speed at which you can brows with your laptop through your android phone

Steps On How You Can Use Android Smartphone as a Modem via USB cable:

Like i said earlier, android versions of 2.1 and above supports USB connection which means that almost all android phones are supported for this awesome feature. So lets see the steps by step procedure on how to use your android phone as a modem

1. Get an original USB cable and connect your android smartphone with it. 

2. Then press the home button and go to the settings on your phone menu.

3. Click on wireless and look for network section 

4. Now click on tethering and portable hotspot

5. Click the Check box signifying "USB Tethering" to start a USB data connection on your PC or Laptop  Your PC automatically install driver. If the driver didn't install, then install driver  Uncheck the option of sever the connection.

Steps On How To Use Android Smartphone as a Modem via Bluetooth:

This method is not as fast as using WiFi and USB cable connection type but some people still uses it especially those that don't have WiFi hotpot feature on their phone

1. Switch On the Bluetooth on your phone via the wireless connection or tethering tab in your phone as the case maybe 

2. Next click on the Start button on your computer

3.  Now go to Devices and Printers and then Add a Device  Select your Android phone then click Next button and pair your phone.

3. Go to the "Wireless & Networks" section option  now click on the Tethering & Portable Hotspot After that Check "Bluetooth Tethering" to share your phone's Internet.

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  1. This is very interesting cos i have been using my smartphone as a modem

  2. My uncracked Airtel modem has been dormant for a while now cos of my smartphone now serving as a modem

  3. My uncracked Airtel modem has been dormant for a while now cos of my smartphone now serving as a modem