How To Change Smartphone IMEI Using Terminal Emulator

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I know, to some of you; IMEI tweaking is like an old dance step but i will like to carry newbies along considering the messages i got through
the comment box and mail. Some people are new to android operating system and IMEI tweaking is new to them.
So i decided write this tutorial on how to change IMEI of your android phone using Terminal Emulator App

Generating Blackberry IMEI
You can generate a valid Blackberry IMEI using the PC software (GIPv4.1) or without a PC. For those that don't have access to PC to carry out the IMEI generating process, Kindly download BB IMEI Generator here but if you have your laptop just continue with this simple steps by downloading GIPv4.1 software.


  • IMEI Generator (GIPv4.1
  • Generated Valid IMEI
  • WinRa or any other zip file extracting software

Steps On How You Can Generate Blackberry IMEI

1. Download GIPv4.1 software to your computer  here

2. Extract the zip file

3. copy and paste the three .sys files inside the folder to your C:\Windows folder
4. Double click on GIPv4.1 to open

4. Click on generate IMEI. Copy down the bb imei you see without the pin except you have an ulterior motive.

Now, having downloaded the IMEI generator and generated your blackberry IMEI, lets go to how to tweak this IMEI in your android phone so that you can be enjoying glo BIS that is still blazing as at the time of publishing this article.
Meanwhile, there are two easy steps to tweak or change your android IMEI to that of BB. You can use mobile uncle method or Terminal Emulator Method (which we are using now)
We will be tweaking our generated IMEI Number to our android phone through Terminal Emulator

Using Teminal Emulator To Tweak Or Change Your IMEI

Step 1. Root your device. In case you don't know the best and safe way to root your phone, 
click here to see how to root almost all android phone safely 

Step 2. Download Terminal emulator  here 

Step 3. Open the Android Terminal Emulator app that you just downloaded

Step 4.Type SU then press ENTER button to get Superuser permmison

Step 5. Now type this command then press ENTER buttonecho ‘AT+EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_NUMBER”‘ >/dev/pttycmd1
echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1 >/dev/pttycmd1

In Case You Use A Double/Dual Sim Phone, Use This Steps

Step 1. Root your Android phone or tablet. See how to root here

Step 2. Download and install Android terminal emulator app here

Step 3. Open android terminal emulator that you downloaded

Step 4. Type SU then press ENTER

Step 5. Type following command then Eneter echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,7, “IMEI_NUMBER” ‘ >/dev/pttycmd1

Step 6. If your phone is dual-sim, typ this command then ENTER echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,10, “IMEI_NUMBER” ‘ >/dev/pttycmd1

Step 7. And finally, reboot your device and enjoy

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