Best Windows Phone Apps You Should Consider Installing in Your Windows Device

Dailymotion is one of the great YouTube video alternatives. The site features both user uploaded and professional videos from media outlets. It’s known for its curated content and excellent discoverability. Thankfully, it’s also now known as one of the major video sites that actually has bothered making a Windows Phone app.


Most calculator apps don’t do it all. 10Calc does. What do I mean by that? Well, many calculator apps just handle equations. 10Calc does all that, but it also has built in unit converter algorithms so you can use one app for all your calculation needs. A nice plus is the theme customization and the ability to convert over 100 units of measurement.


Instagram’s Windows Phone app leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully there’s 6tag–a third-party Instagram app that features many of the more advanced commands Instagram apps on iOS and Android have. Two really nice features of 6tag include the ability to create custom locations and–the biggie–manage multiple Instagram accounts from the same app.


Vine is one of the few big social media platforms that have a good Windows Phone app. With the app users can create six second videos–or “Vines”–to share with their friends and followers. You can also follow other users to catch glimpses into their lives. My favorite part of the app is the trending section–it’s a great way to discover new and interesting vids.

My Piano Phone

This app came to my attention through a friend, who is a professional musician. Whenever he’s out and get the idea for a new tune, he’ll open My Piano Phone and test it out on the realistic sounding keys. The app also offers a complete drum kit for those who like their beats. It’s a fun little free app that also happens to have over 11,000 five star reviews across all stores.

Storage Cleaner Pro

If you’re a PC user you’ll know Windows begins leaving space hogging cache files all over your hard drive. Given a long enough time these files can take up a large chunk of your precious GBs. The same thing happens with invisible cache files on your Windows Phone. That’s where this app comes in. With one click the app will clean all the cache files from your Windows Phone, allowing you to reclaim storage.

Caledos Runner

There’s not many good running trackers for Windows Phone, which is why we really love Caledos Runner. The app has a beautiful design that doesn’t complicate its number of tracking features. With Caledos you can track your route on a map, track your calories burned, and track other elements like time, pace, speed, position, heart rate, and climb. The app also works with RunKeeper, so you can share your progress with your friends there. A nice feature are the big, easy-to-read stats, so you can quickly pinpoint the one you’re looking for even when running down a bumpy path.

Make it Rain: The Love of Money

Make it Rain is one of those fun, addictive time waster games. It’s gameplay can best be likened to the way you interact with Tinder. Swipe on a pile of cash to accumulate as much as you can in a given time period. The more you accumulate the more you have to “invest” in both legit and shady business dealings. A nice touch with the game is that you can switch between currencies, so if US dollar aren’t your thing you can change to the Argentine Peso.


Briefcase is a well thought out file manager for Windows Phone. It act as both a file organizer and a locker for all your local files, memory card and OneDrive files. You can arrange your files into specific folders and even pin those folders to your Start screen. Briefcase also supports in-app viewers, so you can browse through your pics or even play music and video right in the app. Best of all, it provides a passcode lock feature so you can keep your files safe.


Threes! is the addictive numbers puzzler that has taken the mobile world by storm. In it you mesh numbers together to match them. Once matched, those num


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