Easiest Method To Add Facebook Comment Box Plugin To Blogger

Facebook is the social media platform with highest number of users all over the globe and the number is even still increasing massively by the day. You hardly see an internet user without a Facebook account and that is why it is very necessary to add Facebook comment box plugin in your blog and websites to diversify and give your blog readers more options to interact with you through comments.

It is obvious that some people don't have Google+ account and some don't even have and email let alone, a public ID with a publishing tool. So this Facebook comment box will be the easiest method for those people to use to comment on your blog posts.

Some of the advantages of Facebook comment box is that, whenever someone comments using it, it will be shared on his Facebook and he also get notifications whenever there is a reply to that comment. It gives readers the option to comment so fast with there Facebook profile. It makes your blog more user friendly and makes you original because your readers can easily contact you through your Facebook and fan page.

However, there is also a disadvantage which is that, Google bot doesn't crawl any comment placed on Facebook comment box so search engines won't find any text on it.

Meanwhile, you can combine both the Facebook comment box and the default blogger comment box as the can work together in your blog.
Below is a simplified step by step tutorial on how you can implement this comment box on your site. There are many tutorials on the web on how to do this but most of them are not yielding the required result and atimes, you get html error after implementing them. But this tutorial is simplified even for novies and new bloggers in the blogosphere.
Let's roll...

1. First of all you must have a facebook app ID. Click on facebook developers page to create your unique app ID
2. Click on create new app

3. Carefully fill the form that will pop up when you click on create new app
4. Then fill the captcha as you see it to prove you are not a bot
5. Now this is very important, save your app ID in any place like your notepad
6. The next step is to configure the facebook comment box that you are about to implement in your blog.
7. To login directly to Facebook developers comment box plugin page, click here
8. Are you on the comments plugin page now, okay you can see about 5 tabs under the comment box as indicated in the image below. This is the buttons you will click to configure the comment box to your own style.
9. Comments plugin configurator is where you setup the width, number of comments to appear on first page and of course, your site url. replace www.wizytechs.com with your blog's or website url

10. You can setup moderation activities using the moderation button next to comment plugin configuration.
11. The next in line is the settings button. Here you can setup all other parameters on the comment box.
12. Now after after having all these setup, go back to comments plugin configurator and click on get code
13. There will be two different codes that will pop up,
14. Now copy the first code and paste it just after the <body in the HTML editor in your blogger dashboard.
15. After doing that, you have to copy the second code and paste it any area you want it to appear on your blog.

BAM!!! Reload your blog or website and you will see the facebook comment box smiling at you and welcoming visitors to use it.
feel free to ask any question using the comment box.

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