MUST READ: See BVN Scaam Alert I Got Today. Don't Fall A Victim To This.

The badt boys are here again this new year ooo. Can you imagine someone using his or her God given talent in a wrong way. Someone slept and came up with a way to defrau*d his fellow human been of his hard earned money. Chai! Some people are really wicked and heartless. Who knows how many Nigerians that have already fallen to this scaaaam.
Yesterday, one of my blog readers contacted me to know if am aware of the de-activation of ATM cards because of BVN system upgrade by Central Bank of Nigeria CBN.
I told him there is nothing like that going on. He said they asked him to call CBN customer service with 0092348106926928. When he called the number, they requested for his ATM details so that they will reactivate his ATM card. That is when the guy started having double mind and he immediately contacted me to know what to do. I urged him not to ever reply them again or he is own his own.

Fast forward it to today; I was busy writing a post I will publish on my blog today when I got an SMS from the this number +2348136848882 and it goes like this...
"Dear costumer due to our Bvn system upgrade,your ATM CARD has just been de-activated to re-activate, kindly call CBN costumer care 0092348106926928"

My fellow Nigerians, if you get this kind of message or anything close to this please delete and ignore it.
CBN will not make such decisions without publishing it on national newspapers or broadcasting it on TV or Radio stations as it was done during the time of BVN registration.
CBN will not ask you to call them and request for your private information over the phone. Don't fall a victim to this. Pls share this with your friends by hitting the share button below.
This information is from WizyTechs


  1. Only God knows how many people that will fall for this.
    God help our country.


  3. dont mind those thiefs.. i got the same message.. but i replied them with a death sentence mesg.. lol

  4. Replies
    1. You are Welcm bro. I don't know why people are so wicked

  5. I'm so much delighted to see that something on this issue was posted here.

    I have been getting SMS from different numbers and i always update them with hypothetical entries.