iOS Users Can Now Enjoy Unlimited And Free VPN On Opera, Download Now.

First of all, VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Networking and it has been on rampant recently especially among android OS users in the form of Psiphon, Netloop, OpenVPN, JWP, Tweakware and so on but right now, Opera has officially launched a free VPN on Opera for all iOS devices.

This Opera VPN is a stand-alone application which is not integrated with Opera Software's iOS browsers, that incorporates Opera Mini and Opera Coast.

According to the statement released by Opera...
"A virtual private network is designed to essentially hide the user’s IP address. Instead of accessing the internet directly, the user’s device connects to a server, which then accesses the internet on behalf of the user, masking the user’s identity. Like other VPN integrations Opera has done, the app uses the SurfEasy VPN service, which was actually recently acquired by Opera. While other VPNs may offer a trial version or require the user to sign up for a subscription, Opera says its integration of the VPN in its internet browser will be free for life."

At the moment, there are 5 different free VPN servers on the app that users can switch to and the app is currently not for sale but Opera said they will start serving ads on the app in time to come.

Where Can I Download Opera Free VPN For iOS Devices?
Download Opera VPN For iOS Here


  1. Wizzy hope there will be one for Android users soon

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  4. Still towing the line of the previous commentators, when are we gonna see the one for Android devices.