How To Use Cheap Glo Data Plans On Blackberry 10 Devices

I am aware Blackberry users are always envying their android counterparts simply because of available data packages and free browsing tweaks the flex on their devices. Recently, Glo launched a set of cheapest data bundles ever for Android users and ever since then, blackberry users has been wishing to be part of it.

So in this simple post, you will see how to make it possible. Android users has been gaining and tapping from offers on BB10 devices like the MTN BBlite and now, Etisalat BBlite is working on android devices with vpn tweak. Okay, it's the turn of BB10 users to enjoy glo data meant for Android users and to achieve this, follow the procedures i have laid down below.

How To Use Glo Android Data Plans On BB10 Devices
1. Go to Settings
2. Tap Networks and Connections
3. Select Mobile Network.
4. Tap on APN (the lower part of the screen)
5. Change the Access Point Name(APN) to gloflat
6. Change User name & Password to flat
7. Click on Save
You are done.


List Of All Cheapest Glo Data Plans

List Of Cheapest Data Bundles On All Networks

I hope a problem has been solved through this post. At least BB10 users can now feel on top of the world since they don't normally have the freedom of tweaking to get cheaper or free data for their devices.


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