Introducing New Facebook Feature That Let You Post On News Feeds - Not Your Timeline

Just few weeks ago, Facebook introduced use of video clips as profile video on Facebook and this time around, another feature has just been rolled out which allows you to post stuffs on Facebook without it appearing on your timeline.

This feature is interesting and useful especially if you run a Facebook Page where you posts stuffs that you wouldn't want to be seen on your wall but outside as facebook news feed.

At the moment, the new "News Feed-only posting feature" is available on Facebook on the Web but not on mobile or the app.

How Do I Use It?
Login to Facebook with your account via the web. When you start writing a status update in the box at the top of the News Feed, you'll see a new check box for Hide From Your Timeline as indicated in the screenshot above. Tick the box and your status update will be posted to the News Feed while bypassing your Timeline.

Even if you didn't see the bobble message or box to tick, while posting the stuff, you will still see the option to use the new news feed feature.


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  3. Lots of features being introduced and one can easily lost count of them.

    How i wish this feature is also embedded in mobile or app