Grandma With Swag: Meet 72-Yr Old Nigerian Mama On Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Social media is commonly seen as the youth stuff so we usually get surprised when very old people are seen on these platforms. One of them is a Nigerian "Swagalicious" mama who is always online updating his facebook and profile pictures.

According to Endurance Keyamo who shared the photo, his 72-yr old mother was pictured updating her Facebook status with a phone. He described her as a "digital mama". Many Nigerians have reacted considering her age. Below is what Endurance wrote and see how Nigerians reacted below....

'My digital 72yr old mother updating her Facebook status. Mama is on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Don't u want to have a mama like mine?'


  1. Success commenting from
    Nice updates bro Wizy....but to my surprise 72 year old fantastic

  2. hahahaha age is not a barrier. even when I am 100 i will still be browsing.

  3. I will agree with you here that age is not a problem here. She is an educated woman and that's why she is able to do those things as updating her Facebook status.