What To Do When Your Facebook Account Is Hac.ked

Is your Facebook account hac.ked? No problem, you can regain access to your account by applying some of the steps on this post. It will also help those that are yet to experience the attack of hac.kers on their Facebook profile to take good proactive measures to safeguard their accounts.

Its intimidating and annoying how someone will log you out of your facebook account for any cause, some will as well ask your pals for airtime. Lately, fb account hac.k has been the new pattern, apart from Facebook, other social network also face similar issue but Facebook is more spelt out because of its popularity. Hac.kers are still out there searching for more accounts to hack fascinated by various factors ranging from spamming, adding members to their respective Facebook groups, scamming and essentially the most embarrassing is asking your friends for Airtime (recharge cards).

This is the main secret of most of the Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members and even millions of members within short period of time. Have you asked yourself how those members were added? It's the power of hac.king

The thing is more serious these days, even facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got his Instagram account hacked this year, thus, you will have to take the security of your account very serious.

Possible method of Your Account Getting Hacked
Most often the most trendy method to get hac.ked in these present days is phishing. Phishing is simply a trick used to lure you into signing up for Facebook lookalike url and site. You get SMS or e mail from a malicious source (claiming to be facebook) offering a URL which when clicked, prompts you to provide your fb credentials. Additionally utilising the same password for multiple online accounts might be an additional rationale.

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The way to Know That Your fb Account has Been Hac.ked
Ordinarily, most hac.kers change passwords of the account so you'll be unable to login to your account making use of your customary login small print, although some hac.kers enable you login as they use your account with you, this way, you would no longer be ready to detect the hac.k on time, however whenever you start seeing extraordinary messages / posts with the aid of your account and even on agencies, examine your account.

How To Regain Access To Your Hac.ked Facebook Account
✔ First of all when you detect any unusual activities on your fb account, speedily change the password to your mail account

✔ For unusual posts of your wall, it is feasible that some strange apps which you gave access to your fb account are dependable for this action. Navigate to Settings > Apps and delete any unusual App, website or Plugin on the record

✔ If the hac.ker has locked you out of your account, try making use of the Forgot password hyperlink on the login web page to regain access.

✔ When you consider that you and the hac.ker are being in a tug of battle, the password reset code function gets briefly disabled, what subsequent can you do? Check round for a hyperlink prompting you to temporarily lock your account in the event you suppose it has been hac.ked. You're going to answer your safety question effectively to proceed with account reactivation

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Hac.kers Can Still Hac.k Your Account Again Even After Regaining Access To It
Essentially the most feasible means hackers use to re-hijack your facebook account is by including their e mail address within the general Account Settings > Account after the first hac.k. This way, the hac.ker can regain access to your account by way of the reset password alternative, for this reason it then is necessary to verify for unusual e-mail addresses and cast off them after retrieval of your account. Recollect, additionally it is vital to vary your mail account’s password. (don't use one password for all your online activities!)

Has your Facebook account being hac.ked before? How was the feeling? How did you get out of it? Let's discuss via the comments section below. Remember hac.king is good when done properly, not for hurting others.


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  2. This is serious my wife account was hacked, it was not easy for me b/4 I could retrieved the account back. After I recovered d account Facebook now send a massage to me that the person that hacked the account is from Benin republic. I was surprise.

  3. This is a serious issue and we should endeavor to limit the amount of information we share online

  4. Another silent suggestion is on the area of constantly changing our passwords

  5. Also we should avoid using one password for all of our online accounts cos if one is hacked, then others can also be hacked.

  6. Anything that is worth doing to protect our accounts should be done by everyone to avoid STORIES that touches the heart

  7. Thanks for sharing this information with us here