Another Look At Airtel Double Data Offer (3GB, 7GB & 18GB)

Airtel Double data offer gives you huge 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000, 18GB for N4000 but the question is are you eligible to enjoy this offer? This is because it is not meant for all Airtel lines so the lucky ones are those to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, remember that Airtel BIS on Android that gives you 3GB for just N1000 is still working perfectly as long as your SIM has not being used previously for the Airtel 2GB for N200 2G data plan

Having said that, to know if you are eligible for this double data offer, you will receive an SMS from Airtel like this below.

Have you gotten this SMS before? Then go ahead and enjoy the data by using below codes.

✔ To get 3GB for N1000 dial *496#
✔ To get 7GB for N2000 dial *437#
✔ To get 18GB for N4000 dial *438*1#

All the data plan above valid for one month (30 days)

Do you know that you can also enjoy Double data on your MTN line? Whether you are eligible for it or not, i have a way i do it and I keep on enjoying double data every time i subscribe on MTN, for instance, i get 3GB intead of the regular 1.5GB with just 1000 naira as well as 7GB instead of 3.5GB for just 2000 Naira. You like it right? Okay, see how to do it Here

This offer is cool although there is slight data zapping. In other words, the data is not charged the normal rate but it's still better than 1.5GB for N1000


  1. Good to hear this. Mtn double data na wash, der consume it Quick quick "waste of money"...


  2. Wizytech please help me with tweaking imei of my itel501

    1. I have done all that,. That why I quoted the name of the phone,. Please help me and check for a wat out

  3. That great wizy,But im still rooking my 6gb for #1500

  4. how take do 6gb for 1500