Facebook Is Bringing Chat Rooms To Messenger App

Facebook is currently testing Chat Room features on its Messenger app which will see the return or similar rooms like we see in Yahoo IM and even 2Go rooms. The Room is a board-style feature developed to let users chat with people outside their Friends circle but with similar or same interest on a particular topic.

According to product manager Drew Moxon,
"the new chat feature was made to prevent you from being annoying to your friends with interests that they don't share. Although Messenger users can already create groups, they are limited to being private conversations between friends."

To join any room, you just have to create (or search for) a room about a particular topic from inside the Messenger app.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available for people in Australia and Canada at the moment but it's highly expected to expand to other parts of the world very soon.

Hilariously, people have already created ‘rooms’ for topics like ‘butts.’ Imagine.

It will be fun and educative shaa. It all depends on your interest and the room you joined just like WhatsApp groups; there are educative matured groups as well as useless groups. It all depends on the one you joined.


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