Get Ready For Instagram Adverts on Stories - James Quarles

Instagram is set to start delivering carousel ads on Instagram stories following the announcement that it will begin displaying adverts within stories, pictures and short videos that last 24 hours before dissapearing in the abyss (or Instagram’s servers). These ads can be seen at the top of the feed and apparently you will also reach adverts by third parties now.

Meanwhile, full-screen ads will appear between different users’ stories but will be skippable. According to Instagram, 150M people are making use of this feature per day, the same as Snapchat’s daily users.

However, the video ads will be marked 'Sponsored' to let users differentiate ads and the main videos.

Below is the official statement from James Quarles, the VP of Instagram Business
Adverts are designed for “reach” rather than immediately to drive sales and will not have links to websites.

Remember Facebook also want to start monetizing videos just like YouTube.