3 Tips To Reduce High Data Usage On Facebook App For iOS Devices

Facebook App for iPhones and iPads consumes data as well just as it's Android counterparts consumes and earlier today, I wrote and article on four tips to limit high data usage on Facebook app for Android but now, let's see how to achieve same iOS devices.

Although the procedures for limiting data usage on iPhone is similar to that of Android, there are other advanced setup that will also be of great help for you. See the tips below.


1. Disabling High Definition (HD) photo uploads will go a long way to saving a lot of data. Also turning off automatic video playing will also help just as it is in Android devices. To achieve this, tap on the menu button on the bottom right corner, go to "Settings", then click on "Account Settings". Then tap on "Videos and Photos". Here, you can disable HD uploads for photos and videos, and turn off Auto-play.

2. Another tip is to disable automatic refreshing of Facebook app on background. Facebook for iOS devices automatically refreshes in the background. This in turn consumes quite a lot of data, so you might want to disable it. Go to "Settings", then click on "General". Tap on "Background App Refresh" , then select Facebook to turn it off.

3. Turn off "WiFi Assist" feature on your iPhone or iPad device. The WiFi assist on the iPhone helps maintain a stable internet connection. Meaning when your WiFi network isn’t too good enough, WiFi assist connects with your mobile data plan and maintains the connection. It is another culprit of high data consumption so you might wish to turn it off. Go to "Settings" , tap on "Mobile Data", then turn off WiFi assist. This would help limit Facebook app data usage and save you data.

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