'Facebook Stories' Has Been Introduced, See How To Use It

Facebook has introduced 'Facebook Stories' yet another snatpchatlike feature this time on the Facebook app which is displayed like on Instagram (above your News Feed). Also any photo and video you share in a Story disappears after 24 hours.

Recall that Facebook copied SnapChat to add stories to Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and now it has been added to Facebook app.

Normally, anything you post inside a Story only appears there. For it to display on your Timeline or News Feed you have to post it there too. So follow below steps to add stuff to your Story;

✔️ Update your facebook app from playstore, launch it and tap on Your Story in the Stories bar.

✔️ On the left of that bar you'll see something called Direct. It allows you share individual photos and videos with specific friends only, and for a limited time. Friends you share stories with will be able to view, reply, add comments and replay the contents until after 24hrs.

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However, i noticed some slight differences from the Facebook stories to its counterparts. The quality of the camera is better with more extensive options. Another difference is with the filters, while Instagram lets you add stickers after a photo or video has been taken, Facebook lets you add an animated filter or border before you begin recording.

Your videos can also be 20-seconds long and would stay up to 24hours

Also, another noticeable difference between Facebook and Snapchat stories is Facebook doesn’t let you know when someone takes a screenshot of your story. At least this feature hasn't been added as of the time of this post.


  1. wow! this is really an impressive development by Facebook, Facebook really the best among all this social networking with regular update and latest and mind blowing features

    1. They are among the best and also in drinking data bro

  2. I'm gonna miss this new development because i l don't use the official Facebook app in my phone.

    Nice and commendable effort

    1. You should install from playstore if you want to enjoy this bro

  3. what a great feature from Facebook