Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Escalatecash Is New and It's For Real

AIM: To create a platform where members can escalate wealth to each other using peer to peer donation. We are for REAL! NOTE:

✔️ Launching on 15th March 2017 by 6pm
✔️ This is a peer to peer donation system.
✔️ You donate to your fellow participants and not to any central account owned by the site.
✔️ This is not fraudulent site
✔️ We have zero tolerance for fraudulent activities and those involved in it.
✔️We do not have a referral system
✔️ You are required to recycle 48 hours after you are paid or your account will be deleted.
✔️ We offer 100% ROI

10k to get 20k
20k to get 40k
50k to get 100k
80k to get 160k
100k to get 200k
200k to get 400k

Remember after receiving payment, it is important for you to recycle in less than 48hrs to avoid losing your account. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter is @escalatecash and our telegram page link .

Our support will be working 24 hours from Monday to Friday to help sort out any issues you might have.

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  1. Lagos Tallest ManMarch 15, 2017 at 2:41 PM

    How sure are we this won't cast

  2. Tallest that's what am even thinking here

  3. I hope Nigeria government will not come Against this like mmm

  4. Hope its not a fraud

  5. When will we Nigerians ever learn from our mistakes?

    We now have so many schemes coming up after the freezing of MAVROS IN MMM but let's ask ourselves this simple question, where were all these schemes when MMM never frozen MAVROS?

    Be wise

  6. Wizy Reply ue nah, is this for real or one of those sites?

  7. That is what they normally say to deceive us

  8. Hahahahahaha iam not a mad man how can I joined this remember MMM

  9. Oga Wizy try now let's follow your lead.

    Show us confirmation��

  10. Oga Wizzy take the lead lets follow you now.

    With confirmation o😉

  11. k ... all dis per and per don tired me oooo

  12. There is nothing like real in this kind of ponzi scheme. You will pay them FIRST and then try to manage the system for few months. When people are not registering emasse again the system will collapse and that will be the end of your investment

  13. People EscalateCash is paying and it's fast. Join the telegram group and see for yourself.

  14. No matter the amount that a ponzi scheme pays, i will never join them again.

    It's always stated that 'once beaten twice shy'

    MMM had taught me a bitter lesson and am totally wise

    Lemme be contented with my monthly salary instead of looking for a quick means of getting rich

  15. Am not ready for stuffs yet, maybe I'll try this one. When am ready