How To Watch or Stream YouTube Videos With Airtel Social Bundle Data

I know by now you have gotten as many data as possible via the Airtel Social Plan Cheat but still unable to use it on some stuffs like streaming videos on YouTube. Although, last time, we provided a solution on how to use the free social data to browse using opera mini and roogen proxy server. Otherwise, the data is only used for chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social apps. So we will be looking at how to start watching YouTube video with it.

To make this possible, we will be using new different Opera browser this time, (not the regular Opera though) it is called Opera 4.1 native browser which has several high-end features such as ability to increase data usage, disable adblocker, and even stream videos online which is very difficult for opera mini.

I don't know about you but some followers of this blog yesterday told me that Airtel wiped their data but mine is still much intact. I don't even have time to use it very well. Just stream videos for some minutes when am less busy so I will advise you to try and enjoy yours now before it's gone. If you have the opportunity and free time, you can be watching your favorite videos with it by following the below guidelines.


✔️ Download native Opera browser v4.1

✔️ After downloading, launch the browser and tap on MENU and tap on DATA SAVING.

✔️ Then select HIGH. under SETTINGS

✔️ Next, tap on "disable Adblocker."

✔️ Finally, go to and start streaming/watching your favorite videos.

Are you still confused? Feel free to ask questions and get more guidelines. How much MB did you accumulate with this cheat?


  1. Nice one, baba wizy

  2. Yeah report reaching me has it that the data have been removed and another guy also mentioned that the roogen site wasn't working again.

    Yet to confirm their claims

  3. dis trick is tooo late don vex pack der gb

  4. Thank you oooooo! Abeg can you add me to u na WhatsApp group 09050701013 thanks in advance