How To Win the Camon CX Via Tecno Campus Challenge

Hi everyone, are you a student, do you like your school, do you like a particular spot in your school, you can win a free Tecno Camon CX by just snapping picture and uploading it following the directions on this post.

5 Lucky Students are about to be crowned as TECNO Youth Ambassadors and to smile home with a Brand New CAMON CX in the Campus Challenge!


1: Take a SELFIE of your favourite spot in your Campus/School and give at least ONE reason why it's your favourite spot.

2: Submit your entry as a comment in this post for your entry to be valid. To submit yours, click Facebook comments

3: Invite your family and friends to like, comment and share your selfie post to increase your chances of winning

4: Our pool of judges will select the 5 best winners with the most “Creative” and “Intelligent” reason(s), from universities nationwide.

6: The CX Campus Challenge will run from the 8th May to 31st May, 2017

7). Terms and Conditions Apply

I wish you all good luck!


  1. That's great, will be on it ASAP.
    Thanks to informing us Wizy.

  2. Am never gona try this kinda thing it would be waist of time

    1. If and only if you are a student, then i will encourage you to try it out.

  3. Thanks for the update and i wish all the students the best of luck