Monday, July 24, 2017

Facebook To Produce a Modular Smartphone?

Reports trending online at the moment has it that Facebook is developing a Modular smartphone as a patent application device that can be used as a phone. Read more to know the meaning of a Modular phone...

Modular smartphones sound great on paper. They’re devices that would significantly replace the traditional handsets we are using today, as the user would be able to upgrade the hardware by simply swapping the old parts with newer one. They’re also devices that would let the user customize a phone to meet his or her preferences. You could add extra batteries or sensors and better camera via. Isn't that great?

Well, Modular smartphones have always been an interesting idea for sometime now but no company has turned the idea into reality yet, with the latest attempt by Google’s Project Ara being cancelled last year.

Interestingly, world's biggest social media platform is interested in pursuing this idea and bringing it to fruitfulness as they are now working at Facebook Building 8 - the lab that is responsible for the patent application.

In other words, the device can be used as an Alexa speaker as well as a phone but the patent application also states that components of the device can be swapped out and different software could be loaded depending on the used components. Wow😱😨
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  1. thanks for the informative update

  2. I see facebook be coming bigger than apple, google and samsung if They can bring this concept to reality and They are bound to control the smartphone market like They currently control the social media.

  3. I'm seriously thinking of dropping out of Harvard University.

    The best is still yet to come.

  4. Thanks for Your lovely update

  5. components of the device can be swapped out and different software could be loaded depending on the used components.
    Nawa o...

  6. Facebook keeps growing...nice one!

  7. wow great idea from whatsapp and facebook this year but whatsapp is still the best to me.

    1. Pls can you give us Your reason Why you said so