Instagram Video Calling Features To Be Released Soon

All the Instagram fans should get ready for the latest update which comes with video calling features that will allow you make video calls with your followers within the app.

Recall that Instagram is owned by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg who also owns WhatsApp. And both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp already has video calling function so it's not really a big surprise to see it in Instagram as I was anticipating it.


It works similar to WhatsApp video calling. When it's rolled out, you will see new icon that appears in the navigation bar in the chat, just like WhatsApp. You can see the screenshot below courtesy of Wabetainfo.

Once you open an active chat with another follower on the platform, the video calling icon will be visible for you to tap on if you wish to. Meanwhile you will be able to video call only if the other user has already accepted the request to chat, otherwise the icon won’t appear.

However, while Video calls are a welcomed development in some countries with very good internet speed, it could be a torn in the flesh for people residing in areas with poor network coverage because the experience is too bad.

This is one of the reasons why some people ignore whatsapp calls. Network is a big deciding factor here.

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For now, this feature is still in development mode but expected to be officially rolled out in coming days. When it's available, both Android and iOS users are expected to enjoy it.

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