Monday, February 12, 2018

Reason Why MultiChoice DSTV/GOtv May Shut Down Operation in Nigeria

For the past few days, most of you may have heard the news of MultiChoice which is the parent company owners of both DSTV and GOtv pay-tv networks shutting down operations in Nigeria by June 2019

But what actually is the reason for this in unfortunate news?

Well, it's reported that the Federal Government notified the management of MultiChoice DSTV/GOTV that their operations, in Nigeria, will come to an end in 2019.

According to the government, the operational license of MultiChoice expires June next year (2019). This will affect all DSTV and GOtv services if they didn't fix this.

However, from a letter issued on Tuesday to that effect, by the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation(NBC), the license issued to them in 2014 by NBC will not be renewed because it was not in line with Digital Switch Over (DSO) White Paper.

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Meanwhile, for Multichoice (DSTV/GOTV) to operate again in Nigeria after expiration of its license, there is just one option which is to go to licensed Signal Distribution company, that is Pinnacle Communications Ltd or ITS.

But in another development, GOTV has been accused of being used as a medium to siphon foreign exchange from Nigeria by its parent company, South African Multi Choice DSTV.

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While this news may tremble some DSTV and GOtv users who are addicted to their services, I will like to give you a lifeline. I don't actually see MultiChoice Leaving Nigeria. They will always find a way to settle issues with FG to continue operation as Nigeria is a big market for the company.

1 comment:

  1. I got the news just yesterday here...

    I dont see them leaving too, because i know pretty sure well that they will do the needful to stay back...

    But come to think of it oh....
    Not to forget the thousands of people they employed...

    If they leave the Nigeria market then...
    How will such people survive?
    Getting job is not a one day thing, what i see there is a two thing involved issue...

    If they dont renew it in line with the NBC expectation it will surely affect them badly if not that very moment but in the future, and that's what i think they dont want for the company, moreso if they go unemployment rate will be a plus to what is already on ground....

    Conclusion: Multichoice knows that they are the only competent paytv satellite in Nigeria, so to that effect they will want to remain relevant to the core.

    Happy new week friends..