Very Soon, You Will Start Seeing Facebook Downvote Button

I am sure you have come across some posts on Facebook that doesn't make any sense or add value to you but there is no way to express your feeling except the sad 😔 and angry 😡 emoji buttons.

Now Facebook is working on a Downvote button that will be available in the platform to help make it more user friendly, allowing people express their feelings towards posts and comments which will also help reduce the the rate of fake news and useless comments on Facebook.

However, the downvotes feature is not in any way related to "dislike" that facebookers have been craving for or a look alike of Reddit upvotes and downvotes.

But the Facebook “downvote” button is an innovation that will help clean up some of the hateful comments and fake news posts that are currently wreaking havoc on the social media platform.

When it's fully rolled out, the downvote button will appear in the area where you would normally “Like” a post or reply to a comment.

Whenever you tap on it, the downvote button hides a comment, and gives users additional reporting options like "Offensive", "Misleading", and "Off Topic".

These feature will help Facebook figure out if the comment is objectionable, a form of "fake news", or just irrelevant.

Facebook revealed that the test will affect about 5% of Android users who have “English” set as the default language in the app.

Meanwhile, at the moment, the downvote button only appears on public Page posts and not on Groups posts or individual posts.

People are still clamoring for Dislike button to be added on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. I came across it some days ago..

    Its a nice feature, and one feature i will love so much.

    Most times you see an unpleasant update on facebook, although you feel like not commenting but due to the way you want it to go you just ignore...

    With this feature one can easily pull out the dislike button as a sign of disagreeing with an unpleasant post...

    With this one can still pass across a message notifying the person on a bad work done that needs to be reviewed and corrected