HMD Global launches new feature phone; Nokia 106, brings two more colors for Nokia 230

HMD Global who currently has a couple of good and well-known android smartphones in its portfolio have decided to try something new with the release of this new feature phone. The new feature phone carries the name Nokia 106 and it has a bar design along with a standard T9 physical keyboard, pretty much looking like most feature phones out there. Nokia also says that scratches on this feature phone should be less visible thanks to the colour that runs through it, otherwise known as inherent colouring. The Body of the device is made of polycarbonate material
nokia 106
The device has an MTK 6261D processor on the inside along with a 4MB of RAM and 4MB of internal storage which can store up to 2,000 contacts and 500 messages. The 800mAh battery on the Nokia 106 can last up to 21 days on standby and give more than 15 hours of talk time. Nokia’s Classic Snake game – Snake Xenzia is also on board on the Nokia 106 along with some other games. The device also has dual SIM support so you can make use of your two SIM on this device. A Micro USB port is also present to charge the 800mAh battery.

Asides the new phone launch, the old ones are also getting a new makeover, specifically the Nokia 230 which was released 3 years ago in 2015. The Nokia 230 which originally came in just two colours – black and white is also getting two more colours – light grey and dark blue bringing the total colours available for this device to four. The new colours options are available for all variant of the Nokia 230 feature phone – both the single-SIM and dual-SIM version.


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