Simple Way To Download BlackBerry Paid Apps And Games For Free

I’ll be brief just like the way I was brief when I shared how you can download Android paid app for free. This tutorial goes to all blackberry users who have been finding it difficult to download paid apps of their choice.
I’m going to present to you the easiest way to download bb paid apps and your favorite paid games for free.  Regardless of the type of Blackberry you are using, whether defected
, buffeted or demented blackberry device, so long it’ carries blackberry logo, then you are good to go.

Hey… Don’t be in haste, relax and grab a cup of coffee while I pilot this tutorial; I promise you won’t crash-land. 

How Can I Download BB Paid Apps & Games For Free

I’ll quickly share with you two ways you can do that.

==>Blackberry Seeker: Blackberry seeker is a unique site that offers you almost all paid apps, games and themes for free. If there is any app you’ve wanted to download like Call recorder for bb10 and you see $1.99, just go straight to blackberry seeker to download it for free. It’s a must visit site for all bb game lovers.

==>Hadi Ismail Blog For Blackberry: is another unique site where the owner choose to offer unique, highly exceptional blackberry paid themes for free. For all theme lovers, I think you need to visit this site.

Once you’ve downloaded the app or game of your choice, it will be in .bar extension; before you install it, you’ll need to sideload it into your device.

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