Watch Nokia 6 Durability Test - Bend, Scratch and Burn Test

Nokia 6 durability test reveals that the phone is not fantastic in Specifications but great in body build, durability and power.

This rugged test video shows you how strong the Nokia is, how easily does it scratch or its tendency to survive flame or even bend. The video might be scary for people that can't withstand where a phone is destroyed but if you have the mind, go on and watch the video. It's similar to the Umi Touch Hammer Test video

However, this one is more severe as there is burning and bending test as well. How do you see the video? What do you think about the Nokia 6 Android phone? In case you don't know yet, you can check the specs and price of Nokia 6 here for more information.


  1. Uhmm I don't really know what to say about this Nokia 6 Durability Test video

  2. wow Nokia are coming back with all they gat. this Nokia phone is my next one

  3. sir wizy this phone is available in Nigeria

    1. No information concerning that on the post bro

  4. Have just finished downloading the video and my comments will come after am done watching it

  5. After a careful view of the video, i want to categorically say that NOKIA IS BACK TO LIFE.

  6. Wizy abeg wey the link for the video?