Smile 4G LTE Network, The Fastest Network In Nigeria Right Now

There is nothing so frustrating as browsing or downloading with a slow internet network and I personally dislike any network with snail Internet speed with passion. 
Smile 4G LTE is a new broadband network providers that are waxing very strong by the day in some major African countries like Nigeria. Their selling point is the outstanding super speed internet connection that beats the internet speed offered by major network providers like MTN, Etisalat, Globacom and Airtel.
Downloading files and streaming videos is made so easy and simple with Smile 4G LTE network. Just imagine yourself downloading at a speed of 11MB per second. That's great and would definitely save you some precious time to do and achieve other goals for the day instead of waiting for hours to download that important file.
There was a time of EDGE and 2G networks, now almost every smartphone have a 3G network but it seems the 3G is now becoming outdated as 4G is now the main beast in the game with blazing speed. When comparing Smile 4G network speed with other networks speed, you will realize that it outperforms them all.

For instance, Glo network is regarded by many internet users as one of the worst networks in terms of internet speed. In other words, its too slow to brows, download or stream videos with Glo network in most parts of the country though they have some cheap internet bundles across all platforms.

MTN network is fairly good in many locations but sometimes users complain of fluctuations. MTN data price for non BlackBerry users is somehow on the high side but you can brows very cheap and free with the Free MTN browsing cheats that are been constantly updated in this site.

Etisalat is the closest to Smile 4G LTE network when it comes to data speed as Etisalat has received many testimonies from users about how fast their network is. However, their data subscription for non BB devices is also not that friendly but as usual, u can brows unlimitedly with just N150 for over 6 months with our latest Etisalat free browsing cheats

Airtel is also another network with fairly good internet speed but in very few locations and personally, I won't recommend Airtel for any non BB user reading this until they change their strategy. Recently, airtel did some adverts that the previous 2GB they use to give at N1500 will now be 3GB at same price to brows on all devices, but my dear, that 3GB is less than 1.5GB if you are using it on a non BlackBerry device. The way they zap it.... Hmmmmm after trying their data plan, I sworn not to try it again until they change their unnecessary zapping  strategy.

With Smile 4G LTE, you are sure and guaranteed of great internet speed but there are still some drawbacks that they need to fix and I hope with time they will fix them. Some of the drawbacks are there data is more costly than other networks and smile 4G network is only available in some states in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, PortHarcourt, Enugu, Okigwe, Ibadan, Kaduna, and Ogun state but we hope they will cover more states as time goes on.

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  1. I haven't heard of this network before now. Will give it a try

  2. I wasn't sure of the speed as posted in the article until i looked at it closely, 11mb/s is super fast.

  3. How i wish their network is spread across all the states in the federation