Thursday, July 2, 2020

Requirements to Play Roblox on Android, iOS and Amazon Fire

If you know Roblox , then you know that one of the wonders of this game is its compatibility with multiple platforms , whether on PC, mobile or Xbox One. Of course, within the range of mobile devices we have: Android, iOS and Amazon Fire OS .

This online multiplayer gives you the opportunity to play on all these platforms with the same user, maintaining the same gaming experience.

And despite the fact that Roblox is characterized by being an extremely light game due to its graphic engine, before downloading, installing and starting to play this title for free , it is necessary to verify if your team meets the necessary requirements to get the most out of it.

Therefore, this time you will know if your mobile device is compatible with Roblox and we will also show you the minimum requirements to play.
Requirements for playing Roblox

Is my mobile compatible with Roblox?

Currently, thanks to advances in technology , a large part of mobile devices have access to many video games, including Roblox .

Can My Android Phone Play Roblox?

To find out if your cell phone is compatible with Roblox , make sure you have these features:

Requirements to play Roblox from the Smartphone

Apple iOS: Roblox you can play both on iPad 2+ or higher, on iPhone 4S or higher and the forgotten iPod tocuh from 5th generation onwards. The operating system version must be iOS 8 or higher .
Android: on Android devices it will be necessary to have version 4.4 or higher , the processor must be at least the ARMv7.

Amazon Fire OS: Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd generation), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd generation), Fire HDX 8.9 (4th generation), Fire HD 6 and 7 (4th generation), Fire HD 8 and 10 (5th generation).

Minimum requirements to play Roblox from my mobile device

How to know the version of the mobile device

One of the surest ways to know what the exact version of the mobile is, is to look at the box of the device. In it you will find all the basic and specific information of your cell phone. Now, if you lost the box from the factory packaging we have another solution depending on the brand.

Apple iOS

  • Go to the "Settings> General" section.
  • Click on the "About" section .
  • A window will appear with the basic information of the mobile. Among them you can check the iOS version .


  • Go to "Settings> System".
  • Scroll down and touch on "About device" .
  • A new window will open with the basic information of the cell phone. Locate the version of the Android device and you're done.
Amazon Fire OS
  • Go to "Home" .
  • Touch in "Settings" of the equipment. Then click on "Device" .
  • A new window will appear with information about your Fire.
  • Internet requirements

We know that Roblox is an online game, therefore it is necessary to have an internet connection . To enjoy the video game, a minimum download speed of 4 Megabytes (MB) will be required . If you have less, keep in mind that visibility will not be the best.

If you are connected to the 4G mobile network and have connection failures, ideally, you should connect to your preferred WiFi network. Only then can you guarantee a faster and more stable download speed.

Internet requirements to play Roblox on your cell phone

As you will see, the minimum requirements to play Roblox are not out of your reach. And although it is unlikely that currently someone has old devices such as: an Android 4.4 or an iPhone 4S , they will still be able to run the game and adapt to the characteristics of your mobile.

Otherwise, a warning or message will appear announcing: "Your device does not meet the minimum system requirements." So you can enter certain parts of the game, but it will limit your entry to one of the rooms.

So if you have ever asked yourself: Is my mobile compatible with Roblox ? Now you know that any mobile input range , ** medium ** and high goes quite well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How to keep your Android device safe with Kaspersky Services

Even with all the changes in the concept of the personal computer that have occurred during the last decade, something remains unchanged in our relationship with technology: the constant risk of contamination and loss of important data. When PCs were our main way of connecting to the internet, having a good antivirus was mandatory for anyone who liked to download programs and new content on the machine.

Things have changed with the popularization of smartphones, which are now the main device for accessing the network for millions of Brazilians. 

We use the cell phone to chat with the family, post photos of the routine, watch series, pay slips and check the credit card statement. These devices are full of personal information and bank details, but many people do not have the same care with them as they used to traditional PCs.
A draw.

What to do to stay safe?

Incredibly, the form of protection has not changed so much over time. Specialized security companies, such as Kaspersky Lab , have been and continue to be primarily responsible for producing reliable tools that are used by both large companies and governments and home users. This is also true for those who want to protect their Android device.

You probably take your phone everywhere, always connecting on public and open WiFi networks, which can become a serious security issue if proper precautions have not been taken. You may also want to ensure that no one will have access to private files or photos stored on the device, even if that person is able to unlock it. Kaspersky Lab provides solutions for all these cases.

A Complete Security Package

With Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, you have a wide range of security to make your browsing easier. In addition to blocking links that redirect to malicious websites, preventing the installation of malware and filtering out unwanted links, this service maintains your privacy and can even help you if your device is stolen.

It offers an option to restrict access to certain applications only to those who have a specific password. That way, even if someone takes your device with the screen unlocked, that person will not be able to read your messages or invade your social networks, for example.

In the meantime, the automatic scan completely scans new applications and files that are downloaded. It is also possible to configure the service to track your cell phone or even emit audible alerts, which can come in handy in cases where the device is stolen or lost.

Security even on public WiFi

But maintaining security does not mean checking only the files and programs in the device's memory. Your constant connection to the internet can also be a gateway to viruses and malware, especially when it comes to networks of public places, such as shopping malls, universities, squares or buses.

For these cases, there is Kaspersky Secure Connection , a service that uses Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to protect your information. With it, all transferred data is protected through an encrypted channel, including its location and the connection IP address.

In addition to setting up a barrier against hackers who take advantage of open networks to steal information, Kaspersky Secure Connection can be used to create a virtual location, allowing the user to enter websites, download applications or use services that are only available in other countries. All of this without keeping any kind of record.

Following these tips, your personal data and financial information stored on the device must remain safe. Don't forget that all these Kaspersky tools have free versions for home users, offering a good starting point to start protecting your phone.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

5 Tips For Marketing Your Startup On Instagram

Social media marketing has been on a rise since the past few years and now in the year 2017 things have become very different and you cannot have a successful business without a successful social media marketing campaign. There are many social networking sites out there which have made their way up and now are popular among many big business and marketing brands and Instagram is one of them. Check out a great app GetInsta. It helps you to get free instagram followers.
instagram marketing

Starting as pictures sharing website, Instagram has worked its way ahead of everyone and is now among the top attractions for any brand for social media marketing. Today more than 50% of brands are using Instagram for marketing purposes. And where it has been this popular, it could be very tricky to start a social media marketing campaign on Instagram. If you want to make a successful Instagram account that will bring you more customers you will have to work that out. And when you are starting up on Instagram you will need to do follow some tips in order to make your startup successful. Here below are few important tips for marketing your startup on Instagram.

1. Choose your hashtag carefully
Instagram has been a top site for social media marketers since last year and the way it works is pretty different from how other social media websites work. Though, the hashtags are also essential on Instagram as well. When you are marketing on Instagram and you are making a post for your account make sure that you use hashtags that appeal your audience and are relevant. Also, make sure that the hashtag you pick is among the top trends because that is the only way to reach the maximum audience through hashtags. To make a catchy and effective hashtag you can use various tools that are specially designed for Instagram hashtags. So, remember it is very important to use a relevant hashtag for your Insta posts.

2. Gain more followers

Well, this tip is not any rocket science, if you need your startup to be successful you need to get the maximum amount of audience to follow you. In order to be successful on not just Instagram but on any social media networking site, you need to gain more followers. To gain more followers you will need to do some hard work. There are various ways to do that, you can promote your account on different sites, you can pay other Instagrammers to share your posts or you can use your accounts on other social media sites like Facebook to gain more followers. You can also buy followers from Vibbi, which is a platform that is designed for the Instagram marketers to gain more followers, and you can also get more likes and comments by using Vibbi. So gain more followers to achieve success in your marketing campaign.

3. Hold Instagram contests
One of the best ways to get you Instagram get going is to hold Instagram contests. Instagram contests are fun and they are very effective in engaging your audience. You can gain more followers as well by holding Instagram contests because people do really love free things and you might be giving away something free but it will be worth it in the end. You can hold various Instagram contests, you can ask your audience to comment on your posts or you can ask them to share a post with a mention in order to enter the contest. Later you can pick your winner by either seeing who got more likes or you can set a jury to pick a winner.

4. Utilize Instagram Business Tools

As we mentioned earlier that Instagram is among the world’s top social media marketing sites today that there are many tools which are specially made for Instagram marketing. In order to run a successful Instagram marketing account, you need to know the insights of your accounts and all the other things like your audience, their demographics, which of your posts are doing fine and how can you make your account better. You can analyze these things by using Instagram Business Tools.

5. Do not overwhelm your audience
One of very important thing that should be kept in mind while marketing your startup is that you should not overwhelm your audience. Many of us start posting more than we should post when we make a new account on any social media website. When you start posting too much it really annoys your audience, because your audience doesn’t want to see the same thing again and again and in a result, they will unfollow you. Share less and share content that is of the highest quality. So, make sure that you share a significant amount of posts to keep your audience happy.

By: Qurban Shah

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

An App to Know the Temperature of Your Smartphone

Know the temperature of your mobile with this app, which also sends you alerts if it is too high. High temperatures can affect the battery of our mobile device and if the battery breaks, the terminal breaks.
battery temperature app
The battery of a smartphone is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of a mobile device and that is why taking care of it is essential. Some time ago we published a small guide with 9 keys to take care of the life of our battery and one of them was clear: avoid high temperaturesBut how do we know if the battery in our smartphone is hot? Well, with apps like this.

Instantly Know the Temperature of Your Smartphone's Battery

Battery temperature. With this simple and easy to remember name, we can download one of the most useful apps that we are going to find this summer . It is a tool that, once installed, will monitor the temperature of our mobile phone battery and will even notify us when it is too high.
Because our phone has a lithium ion battery whose optimal temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius . Achieving that temperature in summer is very complicated, especially if we live in a hot area where it is easy to reach 40 or 45ÂșC, so thanks to this app, controlling the temperature will be much easier.

Where Can I Download the App?

Its use is really simple. We just have to install it, give it the necessary permissions and that's it. The app will automatically start monitoring the battery temperature . We can decide if the app runs from the beginning or if we want it to notify us when it is too high, but as you can see it is a fairly simple app. With more than 100,000 downloads, it has a 4.5-star rating in the Google app store and is compatible with devices with Android 5.0 and later. And it's also free!

Does the Processor Matter When Buying a Smartphone?

When buying a new smartphone, there are many variations to consider. There are people who buy mobiles according to their design, according to their camera or according to (obviously according to their price). Many of you will say that also according to its power and processor, because the reality is that it is not the same to have a device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 than with a Kirin 990, but the truth and sincere, most people do not have idea of ​​what processor your phones have.
smartphone processor
A while ago, a market study by the Global Web Index firm showed what were the main concerns of consumers when buying a smartphone. This study, even if it has been around for a while, the truth is that it is totally valid today and confirms that an average user does not care much about the processor of a smartphone - surely they will not know the difference between an Exynos or a Snapdragon– since you just want your new acquisition to work well .

Should we care about the processor when purchasing a smartphone?

The summary of the study is that consumers care about the phone battery, storage space, camera, and go fast . And beware, because going fast does not mean that you must have the best processor on the market. Let's take an example with Samsung. Although its most powerful device is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, its best-selling smartphone during this first quarter of 2020 has been the Galaxy A51 . As for specifications, the S20 Ultra wins by a landslide, but that does not matter to people. The A51 has good autonomy and good performance, and that is worth it to people.
But we are not going to deceive ourselves either. The Galaxy A51 is much cheaper than any high-end Samsung and that is also taken into account. Not everyone can spend 1,000 euros on a high-end and that's why they bet on cheaper phones . But let's do another test. Let's take an average user, that typical user who does not know the specifications and we are going to give him a OnePlus 8 Pro with his Snapdragon 865 and a Huawei P40 Pro with his Kirin 990.
Virtually everyone here knows that the Snapdragon has a much higher performance than the Kirin, but surely this average user will not find any difference. You can say that the OnePlus is somewhat faster but you will not know much more or the reasons for it. You will see that your applications like WhasApp or your social networks open just as quickly on both terminals and the rest will not matter. You will also see that the camera of both devices is very good and that the battery lasts longer in one than in the other, but it will not give it much more importance. This user will not say, like AnTuTu, that the 865 is far superior to any other processor since this user cares about the technical parts between zero and nothing . He wants a nice smartphone, that works well and that lasts the battery.
Hence, perhaps those of us who know the subject the most should look less at numbers and more at user experience. Because at the end of the day the processor is one more element of a complex machinery and by itself does not make one phone better than anotherBecause honestly and on a day-to-day basis, the difference in performance between the different high-end products on the market is practically negligible.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

7 Reasons to Clean Your Windows PC Registry

The registry is the most important component of your Windows PC and it's sensitive as well. But what is it all about? The Windows Registry is simply a database arranged in hierarchy and the settings for everything on your Windows PC is stored on it. It can be hardware, software, and user profiles configuration information. Another work of the registry is to control and manage the working of all programs installed on your computer.

You can say that Windows system cannot work without the help of the registry. Whenever you boot the system, all the registry is read into memory. It means the role of the registry starts from the boot-up of the machine. When it's corrupted or malfunctions, your system won't work properly or won't even boot.

Having said that, it is paramount to regularly clean your Windows PC registry to keep it free from unwanted entries which clusters around it. If you are a little bit techy or conversant with it, you can do this without installing any third-party software or app but if you aren't sure of what you are doing, you can use apps that let you achieve it seamlessly.

Registry cleaners are apps/software that provide you with an easy, efficient and reliable method to scan and clean the Windows registry. They ensure high performance of your system as your PC remains error free. Some of the best Windows registry cleaners are CleanMyPC, RegClean Pro, CCleaner, Registry Booster. Apart from cleaning your PC, cleaning your house is important as well, thanks to cleaning service Chicago.


1. Uninstallation of Apps

Do you know that whenever an application is installed on your PC, it creates several entries to the registry? Once that is done, the said application works properly. However, when you uninstall that same application, some of these entries remains in the registry's database thereby creating problems of increased database size which makes your computer to slow down, sluggish and slow to respond to certain commands.

2. Old Entries

Similarly, all the tasks you perform on your computer generates and record entries in the database which increases overtime so you have to regularly run a scan and clean them up to keep your PC fresh and in optimal performance.

3. Program Re-installation

Any time an application is re-installed, some keys are added without deleting the keys that were added to the first-time installation of that application. This again increases the size of the registry.

4. Vacant Spaces

Now, this is somehow strange. It's now obvious that whenever an entry is deleted, it leaves a vacant space. These unwanted spaces keep on building from time to time until it leads to registry fragmentation and makes it unstable. This causes the system slowdown and increases the data access time.

5. Malicious Entries

Viruses and Malware are enemies to PC owners and the reason is not farfetched. In this situation, when a virus, Trojans, spyware, malware, and adware attack your system, they automatically insert invalid entries in the registry. These entries generate system errors. Thus, they damage the registry and causes the system to breakdown.

6. Registry Keys That Are Almost Impossible To Remove

Most paid software comes with a license keys with agreement which wants you to enter the license Key to save license information on your system. Many spyware and malware programs also add irremovable entries to the registry. Thus, the number of keys keep increasing to cause the registry to an unstable system.

7. System Shutdown

Whenever your system boots, it moves the registry to system memory to ensure faster data access. But this must be noted that any changes done in the registry during the operational time, are updated to the system registry during the shutdown process. These registry entries get corrupted if there is a power failure or system crash take place or improper shutdown is done.

Therefore, a good registry cleaner is always a better option if you are not much familiar with the registry. It scans and cleans the registry and fragments it to make it compact also. It results in faster application response time and overall smoother PC performance. With time and due to various installations and un-installations in your system, many invalid registry entries are created.

Even accessing, moving or deleting files from your system create invalid registry entries. These entries may produce problems in your system and bulk your registry over time. A good registry cleaner scans your system for any registry errors, and if found then fix them. It also fragments the registry to keep it streamlined.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Best Microsoft Outlook Alternative for Email on PC

Best Email client programs alternative to Microsoft Outlook and free to read mail from your PC

When it comes to email clients to be installed on the desktop, there seems to be a real Microsoft monopoly because the first and only name that comes to mind is, without a doubt, Microsoft Outlook . This monopoly is entirely deserved because Outlook is, without a doubt, among the best programs but developed by Microsoft and the best client with which to organize e-mail. The only problem is that Outlook is part of the Office suite and therefore is not available for free .

Until a few years ago there was Outlook Express, a very basic but free mail client, which however is no longer developed and distributed by Microsoft (even Windows Live Mail that had replaced it since 2016 is no longer supported).

The function that makes Microsoft Outlook unique and important is that of the calendar and the management of the tasks to be assigned to people (Task and Event Management) also it is used in 90% of companies because it integrates with the Microsoft Exchange e-mail server (if you working in the company you will notice that internal contacts are shared by everyone). In addition there are several extensions and plugins for Microsoft Outlook that expand the possibilities of use.

All these qualities are very difficult to replicate on another program, but fortunately there are no free alternatives: in this guide we will show you the best alternative mail clients to Outlook that we can use for free and without limits, in one case without even installing nothing on the computer (in case we had the Windows 10 operating system).

Best alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

Below we can analyze and evaluate the free alternatives to be used instead of Microsoft Outlook . We are talking about alternative clients to download, install on the PC and use for free to manage e-mail and e-mails , without necessarily having to purchase the Microsoft Office suite to have office programs and to obtain Outlook (which remains the best program to use).

Windows 10 Mail app

As mentioned in the introduction, if we own a PC with Windows 10 we don't have to install any additional mail programs, since it is possible to use the integrated Mail app .

Mail app

If we don't find its icon in the system tray, just open the Start menu and search for Mail , so you can start the app of the same name. Once inside, you will be automatically logged in to the Microsoft account used on the operating system, so you can comfortably read Outlook mail from the interface of the app, modern and simple to use. Once opened, the app remains in memory and will show the arrival of new messages such as system notifications, so as not to miss any incoming e-mail messages.

To add other email accounts (such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail) we will only have to open the app, expand the left side menu by pressing the icon with the three horizontal lines at the top left, click on the Account item and finally press on the Add account item , present in the right sidebar.

New account

To learn more about how to use the Windows Mail app to manage, send and receive emails, we recommend you read our guide Using Mail in Windows 10 as an Email app .


If we are looking for an alternative free program to install on our computer, the best currently is without a doubt Thunderbird .


Thunderbird is an e-mail client to be installed on the PC, developed by MZLA Technologies Corporation, a subsidiary company entirely controlled by the Mozilla Foundation, which also manages the famous Mozilla Firefox browser, among other things.

It is therefore a very flexible and customizable open source software , since it is possible to install extensions and additional components .

How Outlook Thunderbird supports POP, IMAP and SMTP, using a wizard to create mail accounts for all popular Web Mail services, including Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Other features worth mentioning include: support for RSS feeds of news sites and blogs, management of newsgroups and integration with online calendars for Gmail, Outlook and other business synchronization services. The main advantage of Thunderbird is that it is possible to download the version for Windows, for Mac OS X and GNU / Linux . The numerous extensions for Thunderbird make this email client extremely customizable and full of features

Thunderbird becomes perfect in the home where it is absolutely up to Microsoft Outlook and certainly superior to the Windows 10 Mail app (in some respects too simple and not very configurable).

The problem, however, is in the corporate or corporate environment because, in offices, using Thunderbird requires a configuration that is not easy and where system administrator intervention is often required to be able to configure it correctly.

If you want to deepen the discussion on this email client, we invite you to read our guide Thunderbird, the most used and free email program on PC .

eM Client

eM Client is a little known program but it is absolutely capable of competing with Outlook and Thunderbird in the management of email accounts and in the management of synchronized calendars.

eM Client

This software has an interface very similar to Outlook, so it will certainly be opened by all users who are looking for a valid alternative to Microsoft's paid program without renouncing its conveniences and the simple and clean interface typical of the latest Office products.

Among the main features there is the possibility to customize the client's graphic theme and the support for POP and IMAP protocols, so that we can add all our mail accounts without too many problems, also seeing the automatic recovery of the configuration parameters for the vast majority of online mail services.

Among the other more interesting functions we find synchronization with Google Calendar, integration with some of the most famous social networks and the ability to import email messages from Thunderbird or from another email client on your computer.

Although less known, we advise you to give it a chance, given that on computers we will hardly find such curated, simple to use and powerful programs.

Other free email clients

The ones we have listed so far are the best alternative email clients to Microsoft Outlook to read mail from your PC: let's try them all until we find the one that suits our needs. In the unfortunate event that we did not like any of the programs already mentioned, we can try one of the free clients listed below:

  • MailBird is an excellent e-mail client described in detail in another article, very modern, light and clean, which works with all major mail providers and supports IMAP.
  • ClawMail is another valid email client that allows you to import messages and contacts from Outlook and any online mail service, also available in a portable version.
  • Pegasus Mail , celebrated and historic mail client for PC that supports multiple accounts and notifies you of new messages on the desktop.
  • Sylpheed is a small open source email client with support for IMAP and POP, with the ability to manage multiple accounts in a single interface simultaneously.

If we only use Gmail

If we only use Gmail accounts, instead of installing or configuring a thousand programs we can simply use the Gmail website .


Even if it is not a client to be installed on the PC but only a web application accessible via an internet browser, Gmail is so full of features that it competes easily with any client. Gmail supports POP and IMAP and is fully integrated with the Google Apps suite.

What makes it better than Outlook is the clear advantage of an e-mail web client or its worldwide availability : wherever you go, whatever computer you use, you can receive and write emails from your Gmail mail account.

Perhaps many are unaware that there are many settings and functions on Gmail among which, one of the main ones is the ability to group conversations (hits and replies) and multiple replies to emails.


    Ultimately, if you do not have Office at home and do not have Microsoft Outlook and if you want a nice complete program to manage emails from accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Libero, Virgilio, Alice, Tiscalinet or other, we can install one of the programs seen in the guide, sure of the final result (you will hardly regret Outlook, especially in the home). In the business environment, however, these alternatives are probably not good or can be used only under certain conditions.