Checkout Top 3 Best Web Browsers For Smartphones

Internet browsers are among the must-have apps in your smartphone except you don't research or source for information on the internet with your phone. In fact for the fact that you are reading this post right now, it means you definitely have an internet web browser on your phone because there is no way you will open this article without a web browser. There are many web browsers on the app market and stores for you to choose from but the truth is that some are much more better than others. Come on, let me show you the top 3 best web browsers available right now.

I considered important features that every good web browser should have including, data (MB) saving capabilities, ability to view java scripts, ability to enable, disable or reduce image size in web pages, ability to copy and paste with the browser, ability to access secured web pages, ability to switch to night mode to protect the eye while browsing at night, ability to download fast, etc.

1. CM Browser
CM browser is my number one web browser because of its over all intelligence and capability. This browser have served me for a long time as I can use it to do virtually everything on the web with Simple clicks and with its easy to use user interface.
CM is the acronym for Clean Master. The Browser is an ultra lightweight mobile browser which can protect you from virus effects, Malware and security threats and still give you rapid browsing speed.

Other apps from the same developers are CM security, CM launcher, CM battery optimizer etc

Features Of CM Browser
==> Browsing speed is very high and acceleration is nice as it uses Preload mechanism to fasten up browsing experience.

==> This browser alerts you when you mistakenly open a malicious website that can cause harm to your phone or your online banking details. It protects you from internet fraud.

==> CM browser protects you from downloading malicious application into your phone because it scans every app you want to download and make sure it is not harmful to your phone.

==> You can easily switch to desktop version of any site you are viewing with just one click because of its "agent support" feature

==> Ability to add any web page or website to Speed dial

==> More on Security & Privacy, it doesn't track your settings unless you choose to allow it.
You have the Option to keep history, cookies, and passwords that have been saved

==> you can translate a particular page to any country's language with the Page Translator feature.

==> availability of different search engines which you can use to search anything with Text search

==> it supports font size adjustment to suite your phone screen.

==> You can bookmark any site that you like with the Personalized bookmarks

==> It have Gesture control when playing or Streaming videos

==> Support for card tabs for multi-tab control

==> Shows latest trending searches on search engines all of the world on browser menu.

==> Shows weather report of the day on browser main menu. You can activate or deactivate this feature if you like.

==> lightweight, it doesn't eat much of your phone memory like the way Firefox browser does.

==> Also there is Search engine switch which enables you to choose a preferred search engine (which is always Google)

Download CM browser Here 

Opera mini is the most popular web browser for java phones, symbian phones, BlackBerry devices, Android, windows phones and iOS devices. The main reason while people use opera mini browser is because of the way it compress and conserve data (MB). It is the best browser to use if you have a limited data but still want to brows the internet but there are some issues with Java script compatibility which makes opera mini not to open every web contents or even comment on blog comment boxes. Apart from that, opera mini is still okay for web surfing.

Features Of Opera Mini
==> Very Fast browsing experience
==> Data compression and conservation
==> Secured web browsing
==> Simple browsing
==> Smart downloading
==> save favorite web pages for offline reading
==> Bookmark favorite websites
==> Showcases latest news of the day in the main menu
==> easy to navigate around
==> Simplified settings
==> since your settings and history with other other opera mini on other devices
==> Night mode ability
==> Switch between search engines
==> Nice tab management
==> small in size

UC browser is the browser for heavy downloaders because of its wonderful downloading technology that supports pause, and resume even if your phone goes off while downloading a file. Apart from that, uc browser is fast and supports jarva scripts. NOTE: there is also uc mini browser but in this post, am concentrating on uc browser which is an upgraded version of uc mini.

Features Of UC Browser
==> Ultra fast and reliable download technology
==> Fast browsing experience
==> Nice tab management
==> can enable and disable ads
==> you can save data by minimizing the size of images in settings
==> ability to compress data
==> Facebook notifications
==> Night mode
==> Fast and stable navigation ==> Facebook mode
==> Video for all tastes
==> Control Videos with Gestures

I hope this will help you make the right choice of web browser.


  1. Well, I have always used and loved CM browser. It's a wonderful browser so far. It's unfortunate many phone users don't know much about this browser. I see it taking over very soon.

  2. guy just say you love CM although I've been using it for quite a long time now and it's fast but I still prefer UC browser cause it's faster and you can also switch it to mobile platform like CM, it saves data more that CM and so on..

    I don't think you're using UC at all cause you will give it the best attribute over CM if you do.

    1. I have used both UC, CM and opera mini browser and after testing all of them, I prefer cm browser bro

  3. Uc browser should be in number 1..... Who de hell is cm 😁😁😁

    1. Yes if you don't have enough Data but if you are browsing with all this free browsing cheats, CM Browser is for you.

      Also if you want a more secured browsing, you should use CM browser too.

      If you are paying for stuffs online or you do online business, cm browser is recommended.

      However, if you need to download files, uc browser is the best for that

  4. I prefer uc because of it speed and ads remover

  5. Nice one.
    But you know that people dont use Cm browser.
    Most use browser is opera, Uc, then others.

  6. You have a point by listing these stuffs out but now I'm settling down with Chrome browser since time have changed.

  7. The next browser of my choice is uc browser and followed by cm browser