Saturday, January 9, 2016

How To Un-Jailbreak Your iOS Devices With 5 Simple Steps


Jailbreaking your iOS devices gives you more freedom to use restricted apps and customization on your iPad and iPhones but sometimes, you might change your mind and want to return to the initial stage your iOS was before you jail-breaked it. Like it is done on Android devices in the case of rooting, one can easily unroot his android device. So I decided to share this tutorial to my iOS friends who wish to unjailbreak their devices.

Remember that Unjailbreaking your iPhone devices helps in removing any cydia package from your iOS device and restoring the device to its default firmware. Also unjailbreaking  is an advantage if you are upgrading to the latest iOS firmware. This is because most times iOS users encounter one issue or the other while trying to do system upgrade. In other words, to unjailbreak means to undo jailbreak.

1. Jail-breaked devices face lag issues,
2. They will be more vulnerable to virus attacks,
3. Another disadvantage is that spell checker is disabled
4. Many false apps are installed
5. Difficulty in upgrading to new versions of iOS
These are the top 5 reasons why iOS users decide to remove the jailbreak on their devices.
So chill as I take you along the tutorial road on how to remove jailbreak.

1. First of all, download iTunes on your computer then connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the iTunes.
2 Once you launched the iTunes, you will need to backup your iPhone device. There are two backup options available. They are backup data to iCloud and backup data to computer.
3. The process will start and Once backup is completed, then you will have to restore your iOS device.
4. Now, click on Restore iPhone from Itunes, and once it is clicked, the update screen will come up, you can now update system software and the unjailbreak will be completed once restore is complete and finish.
5. Finally, disconnect your device and reboot your iPhone or iPad and you will see a notification that all cydia packages have been removed and gone, and the default original iPhone firmware restored.

I hope this tutorial help you un jailbreak your iOS device. Click the share button below. Ask questions if you have difficulties.


  1. Thank you very much sir Wizy.
    Pls when are we iOS users getting our own free browsing. Pls help us . am evying Android users in terms of browsing. Tnx

    1. Hi King, there are free browsing cheats for iPhone owners like you.
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  2. OGAR WIZY, I use 2 boto of Champaign greet U oh.. ....pls do U know if the activation for mtn 1gig is still working bcos, if U activatan, no mb feedback.. ..anyway to bypass this! Ones again I GREET U

    1. Do you mean the free 1gb IMEI cheat? It is still working but most of the valid IMEI numbers has been tweaked so it might take u sometime before u get a working virgin IMEI number

  3. OGAR WIZY, that's is mtn reply! Thank you for activating your device on the MTN Network. Your special bonus will be sent to you shortly, after tweaking, No 1gig feedback, for good 2wek now, they non dey reply with the mb, is it block or any ideal to bypass this.. ..ONES AGAIN THANKS

    1. Hi Friday, the Mtn 1gb is not blocked as of today just that most of the valid IMEI numbers has been used.

      Try and tweak another one.

  4. Sir wizy u gave me a link for backup of tecno f5 rom..i download it and it didn't work for was said to b corrupt...unfortunately for me wen i open it with easy unrar to see the files,it was i cant use my f5 for now..please help me.....i flashed it into my phone through cwm recovery or won't it work dat way?

    1. Yes you can use CWM recovery for flashing it. If the ROM is corrupt, I will give u another one

  5. Ok sirwizy...pls i need it urgently.cant use my f5 currently

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