Your Opera Mini Stopped Browsing? Fix It Here

It is no news that most phone and internet users prefer opera mini to every other web browser and this is mainly because of the smart data conserving features. Apart from that, I don't think I like operamini because cm browser has been my best pally in terms of phone web browsers. UC browser is cool for downloading as it also supports pause and resume while downloading.

Anyway this little tutorial is on how to fix opera mini not working issue. This is common on the latest opera mini web browser. I personally find out that after an update to the new version, my browsing stopped especially when I used VPN apps like SyponShield, open VPN, Psiphon, simple server and Tweakware to brows. Last night, while I was redesigning the template of this site for more user friendly and responsive output, 6 persons contacted me the same time begging me to help them as their opera mini is no longer working.

So this morning, I have a simple fix for it.

==> Open your opera mini app
==> tap on the settings
==> click on advanced settings
==> click on protocol
==> now select only HTTP instead of sock/HTTP
==> finally, save it and your opera mini should start browsing

You must have an active Internet connection on your phone.

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